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s1carius Notandi síðan fyrir 15 árum, 1 mánuði 34 stig
Haters give me so much energy!

Become a pro: Player (5 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 12 árum, 11 mánuðum
Yeah…the headline is probably abit exaggerated but non the less it will probably help a few lost souls out there. I found this so called “guide” on and thought I might wanna share it with a few of you. And I know when most of you are reading this you think “Well this is just basic stuff that I know already?!” And that is true, most of it is. But when you look defeat in the eyes, your mind will get clouded and you can make bad decisions. Because of Icelands size this community...

Lost footage (66 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 13 árum, 2 mánuðum
After being asked to upload the Running With Scissors the movie I stumbled upon what seemed to be a lost treasure. Shitloads of old icelandic CS movies and CS footage. Im not sure how much of this stuff is uploaded already but ill post what I have, and if people seem interested I can upload some of this stuff. CS MOVIES Corey2 FINAL Corey3 FINAL Corey4 FINAL(lol Corey when is the Final Final?) ;)) DEMOLITION the movie<-(This movie was good until Schrism got caught cheating) Acies the movie...

old$chool k1ck$ benny taiNted's aSs (7 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 13 árum, 4 mánuðum;11842058;/fileinfo.html Don't ask me found it on my old HDD ;x <3

S!CaR!uS The movie! 0mG (20 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 13 árum, 11 mánuðum
After brushing the dust off my old hardrive, I found an old project I worked on 3-4 years ago. I just felt it wasent any good and never released it. It's mostly vs icelandic players, since 4 years ago Faroe Islands had fine ping to Iceland. Mostly frags versus x17 Scorpion [8]xtreme calt duality haSte And many many more. Hope you enjoy. :) p.s. sorry for the lack of mirrors, internet sux in the Phar0eZ;9660870;/fileinfo.html

A goodbye or see you later? (20 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 14 árum, 1 mánuði
A goodbye im afraid. Christmas is upon us and it's time to return home. Time really flyes by, I came here in 01.05.2007 omg it's already been 8 months. :X Iv really enjoyed the time iv stayed here, it has been awesome! Not only experiencing all the cool stuff about Iceland but also all the nice people that live here! So I just wanted to give a shoutout and thank all the guys that have made my stay here xtra speciel! Danni(Venom) and Krissi(Locust) All the best you two <3 :] All the boyz from...

Sic's guide - How to manage your CS team. (39 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 14 árum, 6 mánuðum
Welcome. Do you ever find yourself in the position that you play clanwars everyday with your team but you don´t seem to be going anywhere? Well if you do then this guide should help you take your team to another level! Counterstrike these days has become so random that anyone, even a player that has just started the game can blow your head off with the most odd gun. You got a bad habbit of dying while holding a nade in your hand, or just when you have cleared the left side, he comes out of...

The icelandic Counter-strike community. (48 álit)

í Half-Life fyrir 14 árum, 8 mánuðum
Greetings! For those who don’t know me, I used to play CS in Iceland a couple of years back. But the internet company in the faroe´s decided that having good ping to Iceland was a bad idea. So I had to go play in the country of hatred and flame, called England… But after some time I returned to say hello to some chums and friends of mine here in Iceland. After some sight seeing and trying some dominos which by the way is awsome! I jumped online firstly trying a public server, even saw some...
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