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It's a funny thing actually, waiting for a movie for so long. Building up such tension, losing sleep because of anticipation. I have never done that before. I knew that it was only a movie but there was just so much going on in my head. Yesterday was a long day. I hadn't slept well and my stomach hurt. The clock seemed to go backwards. When I arrived at the theater I was sweating and felt a little dizzy. I had even dressed up for the occasion. Joker T-shirt, Batman-belt buckle and other fine accessories.
I know that when you anticipate a film like this it's easy to get disappointed. I tried to relax but the ads and trailers before the film were killing me.

It's not easy explaining my thoughts on this film. The whole experience is a kind of blur actually.
The script is wonderful. I have never seen such a story. The twists and turns and plots and hooks. There happens so unbelievably much in this film but it's not hard to follow the storyline.
Tragedy and humor are mixed together in a clever blend but the film borders on being a horror movie in certain scenes.

This isn't just any Batman-movie. Nolan sticks to his devoted vision and give numerous hints and nudges to the comics. Important Batman-characters are brought to life in a realistic and true manner.
Sal Maroni is great. The guy looks like a real Italian mobster douchebag
And even though he's not mentioned by name, Harvey Bullock plays an important role in the film as well.

Heath Ledgers untimely death is tragic for many reasons but the biggest effect it has on TDK is that it makes his appearence cast a shadow over the other main characters. This is sad because Aaron Eckhart is an underrated scene stealer as the multi-layered, tragic figure of Harvey Dent. A district attorney with the world in his hands broken and falling from grace. I think that if anyone should have a chance at an Oscar for this movie it's him.
I wont spoil the Two-Face makeup for you who have yet to see it but in my opinion it was the only thing I could possibly complain about in this film. I saw the immediate nod to Tim Sale's dark and twisted vision of Two-Face(one of billion nods to Jeph Loebs fantastic Batman-stories made in this film) but I must say that it didn't really fit in Nolans realistic Batman universe(I'll say no more).

Maggie Gyllenhaal is wonderful as the strong but emotionally confused love interest of both of the movies heroes and you quickly forget Katie Holmes's boring interpretation of the same role. Even if Rachel Dawes is not originally from the Batman Universe(she's made up specially for these Batman-films) she is none the less well written and a good solid character. I'm looking forward to seeing more good female characters in Nolans future Bat-films.

Michael Caine is a wonderful Alfred Pennyworth. Although he strays a bit from the comics original Alfred he's a strong and colorful character and acts as Batmans only real tie to his life as Bruce Wayne.

Christian Bale once more delivers his Batman perfectly. It's sometimes hard to decide if you like him more as Batman or Bruce Wayne because thanks to a great script and director and his natural knack for acting he nails the two perfectly. You can't help but see in his eyes that here goes a Batman that can real kick some serious ass(and isn't afraid to point out that the ass in question could be yours) and that he both hates and loves being the Caped Crusader. Nolan does not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors and keeps Batman at the center of focus. This film is about him and what he has to do fight through the trouble and chaos at hand.

And believe me, this move has a lot of trouble and chaos. The Joker fires of one evil, sadistic and well thought out plan after another in a real roller-coaster of death and destruction.
The Joker is a disgusting, dirty character. You don't like him like you did Jack Nicholsons Joker. This murderous psycho gives you chills up and down your spine and is sure to give the youngest viewers nightmares for life(I know I dreamed of him last night). Never before has a movie villain made such an impression on me. The way he walks(hunched but yet stretched tall) the way he talks(licking his lips and blinking his eyes). Every movement so perfectly thought out in advance. Every word breathed with a a perfectly evil tone of voice. This is not a clown you laugh at. You only laugh at his jokes because they are uncomfortably, not because they are funny. There's nothing funny at all about this Joker. This is the most perfect interpretation of the joker I've ever seen. No cartoon or comic has ever picture him so well. He's like an unholy mix of all the darkest and most gruesome parts of all the Jokers ever written since the characters first appearance in 1940.

There's plenty of breathtaking action and stunning visuals in this film and the score is mellow, yet heavy and brooding.
It's obvious that Nolan has put together one hell of a team and I hope that he gets to make as many Batman-films as he wants to. This is how the Dark Knight of Gotham should be.
It was obvious that I was gonna like TDK but in reality I got a lot more then I expected

To sum it all up The Dark Knight is probably the best film I've ever seen.