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fannst áhugaverðast þegar gamespot segist vita mounts hjá Bloodelves of Draenei og hvernig flying mounts verða( ekki nether drakes þá ):

We were fortunate enough to be able to take a guided tour of some of the game's new areas, including the home cities for each of the two new races, the Horde Blood Elves and the Alliance Draenei races will call home (as it turns out, each of these cities will have multiple auction house and bank locations to help alleviate overcrowding). And of course, each city will have vendors that buy and sell goods, including each race's mount animal–in the case of the Draenei, the “elekk” (a creature that bears more than a passing resemblance to a caparisoned war elephant), and in the case of the Blood Elves, the cockatrice. Like with all other standard mounts in the game, both the elekk and cockatrice will, as Chilton puts it, “look cool and go fast,” though they won't possess any exceptional powers. However, some of the higher-level mounts, especially the flying ones like the nether drake, will be able to travel at exceptional speeds, as will the expansion's new epic flying mounts–an armored wyvern for the Horde and an armored griffon for the Alliance.