Mammoth trukkurinn Smá erlendar upplýsingar
This mammoth pickup truck is closer to a semi than to pickup but International bills it as the world’s largest production pickup truck. No arguments there. Weighing in at 14,500 lbs. and based on a dump truck platform, the CXT is more than 21 feet long and 9 feet high. It boasts an International DT 466 diesel engine with 220 hp and 540 lb. ft. of torque capable of hauling or towing up to 6 tons, an Allison five-speed automatic transmission and a 70-gallon fuel tank. Don’t even bother asking about the fuel consumption, it will make you cry. Yeb… þetta er
drauma trukkurinn :)
ætti kannski líka að seigja að hann kostar 100.000 USD($dollara),en það væri gaman að eyga þetta skrímsli :)