Feargus Urquhart, forseti Black Isle Studios, gefur í pósti einum langloku mikla sem tengist örlögum TORN, Fallout 3 og öðrum hlutum tengdum Interplay, Black Isle og fjárhagsörðugleikum leikjarisans, sem talið er að sé að taka síðustu andardrættina ef fram er horft. :(

Tekið af <a href="http://feedback.blackisle.com“>Black Isle Studios message boardunum</a>:

”Fallout 3 not Starting : This is sort of long, so you'll need to bear with me. We actually did begin in early 1999, a couple months right after we shipped Fallout 2. Things were not coming together very quickly, which we were working on to figure out why. At the same time, I was very concerned about not being able to ship a title in 2000, because of what was happening across the rest of Interplay. Interplay seemed to be having a lot of problem deciding products to ship that would actually make money, and I didn't want to have to lay off anyone else (we had gone through a lay off in late 1998).

So, I thought about using the Infinity Engine to make a dungeon crawl game that was initially called Dungeon Crawler, then Dragonspine (I think), and then finally Icewind Dale when the team thought that the snowy look would help differentiate the game even further from Baldur's Gate. So in essence, the Fallout 3 team became the Icewind Dale team.

About eight months later, the Torment team finished Torment and we decided to have them go onto work on the project that would become TORN. That decision was made for two reasons. The first was that I didn't want to take Fallout 3 away from the Fallout 3 team that was currently working on Icewind Dale. The second reason was that a lot of the people on Torment wanted to go work on something new and different - not a Fallout game.“

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