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Here it goes :

The mighty horde has gathered a huge army outside Ironforge ready for the final strike at the puny alliance resistance. The tension in the air is almost tangible as the Supreme Commander Galosh consults his second in command, Sarumén before getting ready to address his men for one final time.

“Is Lactor still disced?”
“I'm afraid so commander,”
“FFS, we'll have to move, my flask is running out”

Galosh makes some strange motions with his strong hands while his army watches in awe whispering to each other “The time has come”.. Galosh is enveloped in a dust cloud that takes him momentarily out of sight. Out of the clouds a dark figure emerges..

An eerie silence commences as the supreme commander Galosh, the mightiest Tauren warrior of the horde, rides to face his army on his legendary mount that unfortunately resembles a bug. From behind the ranks someone says something like “lol”. Galosh's right hand Sarumén is on spot and shouts viciously in a fierce bellowing roar “REPORTED!!” After some commotion, the army is silent once again ready to hear their commander's words…

Galosh faces his men and opens his mouth to make his speech… No sound comes out… He raises his hands and tries again.. Nothing..

Leaning towards his liutenant,
“Sarumén, what the feck?”
“Hmm sire, a quick relog?”
“ /blush”

“Mighty HORDE!!! Blood will flow today! You'll split open Alliance veins and let it flow like sweet wine! Today you'll cease alliance existance, not cease fire! We have the spirit of Zanza! We have the blessing of Nefarian! You will use whatever is necessary to turn this day into one glorious victory. Pop enrage, abuse your trinkets! and remember Holy VENT connects us all!

You will slaughter everyone of them! No exceptions! *Cough* except civilians, especially the gnomes that sell bread and engineering recipes *cough* Today will be a day of Honor! Kindly leave the Field and Grand Marshalls for me! May the gods of the fabled maintenance grant us with honor!

And lastly but most important! This concerns every single one of you except the Shamans.. of course… doh..!! If you die in battle, I want you to corpse run ASAP. No lingering!

It's time to end this once and for all! Now take your pots we're going in”

The horde army all fired up by their glorious leader's speech starts to charge in through the gates of Ironforge in unison! They get ready to shout their furious battlecry to strike terror to the hearts of the weak alliance races!

Rain starts to fall..

Time itself seems to slow down and actually grinds to a halt.. The horde frozen in its tracks witness a horrible sight!!!

Supreme commander of the horde forces, the horrific Tauren warrior, bane of the alliance scum, Galosh, is running into a wall..

At that exact moment in time, a young gnome mage called “Munyfurmuntpls” sees the entire horde army frozen in time while storming the gates and hears their mighty battle shout!


He is curious why the mighty horde army has just all shouted a single word:


Inside Ironforge, fearless leader of the alliance, honorable head of the paladin order, a man of limitless and versatile talents, Baablenhearth is discussing strategy with his officers..

“Kalimdor down?”
“Yes your highness, as you instructed we sent an army of 1000 gnomes to Felwood and they started dancing simultaneously.”

“Good good.. That should keep them from getting reinforcements.”
“Brilliant idea my dear sir”

“Did you relocate our secret strike force to exactly where I instructed you to?”
“Yes sir! They are camping the Graveyard as we speak. Night elves are shadowmelded, gnomes are hiding in the bushes. I've told the dwarves to lay low (they did appear a bit offended by that but care lol?) Before I forget, I also sent the humans to farm rep”
“SENT THE HUMANS TO FARM REP?!?!?! What the heck?”
“New instance sir.”
“Ah alright, welldone lad”
“Thank you sir”

“Raid full?”
“Yes sir”
“Mages are still pissed you bid on that spellpower ring sir, none of them came”
“FFS!!! Locks?”
“They didn't show up either sir, I think they shy away from non-dkp runs.. Some sort of shard farming issue I think ”
“Only 1 sir, the rest are still upset over the Scarab incidence last week.”
“All respecced shadow sir, they are all in Alterac Valley”
“They are in Ahn'Qiraj sir, say they like the loot there”
“Well don't really know sir, they all vanished, only one I know that's surely coming is in queue”
“sigh.. Hunters are here at least right?????”
“Well.. Most said that they are a ranged class and are currently in Stormwind. The one we have here in Iron Forge appears to be dead.”
“All we have is paladins then?”
“Well sir we also have a gnome mage called Munyfurmuntpls who wanted to join”
“Tier 2?”
“Level 1 sir”
“OH FFS! Alright then, we'll have to put some of them to dps, some to heal, some to cleanse… and I want the rest of our paladins to get their Egan's Blaster out of the bank!”
“ehmm all good sir but.. last patch.. Egan's…”
“Arg dammn”

Exhausted, Glorified paladin leader of the alliance, Baablenhearth, takes a good look at his troops.. All paladins… In his mind he sees a weird vision.. An endless field of bananas… Quickly dismissing the vision, he turns to them to give them a valiant speech that will reinforce their faith and ensure a victory in this direst of days..

“Brothers in Ar………..”
”Soulbound NUB!!!!!“
”STFU idiot he was joking!!“
”STFU urself, stop spamming!“
”Ignore ftw!“
”Leave trade knobs! You suxxor“
”You leave it ffs! Everyone report him!“
”What's a reasonable price for “Stitches' Femur”?
“Kalimdor down?”

Outside Ironforge, Supreme Commander Galosh had faded from view after running into a wall for more then one minute. He suddenly reappears mumbling something incoherent about his character already being in game. Unable to move, he looks at his army that's also frozen in time. His leutenant Sarumén is still standing close to him. He leans towards him to whisper..

“Sent a ticket?”
“Yes sire, I've asked on Vent for everyone to do the same”
“Will he come you think?”
“I surely hope so..”

At that moment a mysterious figure in a blue robe suddenly appears in front of them…… Stands still for a couple of minutes and then disappeares..

“FFS even the GM disced!!”

“Also down”

In Stormwind, the esteemed leader of the hunters, Ayefkay, faces his fellow hunters, trying to reach a vital decision about the impending battle in Ironforge.

“Fellow hunters, this is a sad day for all of us! As we all know the war effort caused the thorium prices to go sky high, our arrows cost so much that I'm reluctant to part with any of them. So I put this to vote.. Will we help our comrades or feign?”
“I can go melee?”

In Kalimdor, a strong figure naked waist up and unarmed walks slowly towards the shore.. There is a boat there that can take him to the Eastern Continent and help him join the conflict that's about to start..

He chooses to swim.. 3 strokes will take him there..

Before he can however, Kalimdor goes down.. Chuck Norris disconnects… after a couple of tries he gives up and logs to his alt, Munyfurmuntpls.


In GM island, in a location that's the best guarded secret in the world (if you ignore the fact that a couple of guilds have discovered it and are holding meetings there) two GMs are arguing like mad..

“Mike, come on man..”
“I said no!”
“Mike, they are all stuck! Kalimdor's down! Ironforge is frozen!”
“But Quake 4 works wonders on the new machines :((”
“OK let's make a deal, after they are done ganking you can unplug them again alright?”
“Sigh.. alright….”


At the gates of Ironforge, Supreme Commander Galosh, receives a whisper,
“We are aware of the problem you are experiencing, our whole team is now looking into it, it should be resolved momentarily”

And suddenly the world comes alive again! For a single second Galosh can swear that he sees his entire army with impact armor and machine guns and then all reverts back to normal..
As the vicious might of the horde begins to storm Ironforge, the valiant Alliance forces prepare to meet them in field of valor.

Someone shouts,
“FFA for loot pls!”

10 days earlier…

The ever vigilant horde commander Galosh stands proudly on a hill overlooking Azshara, the gentle breeze sending ripples through his thick hair. His enormous army is right behind him, making final preparations to face the fierce dragon that roams these lands.. As the adrenaline begins to pump through his veins in anticipation, he turns to his second in command, Sarumén..

“This guy you mentioned… That gave us the information.. Can he be trusted?”
“Commander he's the best..”
“Bring him to me now”
“Aye commander..”

Guards promptly escort a young wide eyed troll with disturbingly dodgy eyes to his presence. He is holding a bundle of parchments and continously writing something on them even as he walks..

“What's your name, boy?”
“uhm.. one sec.. %4.8 hmm seems right.. doh not enough kills.. oh.. wait sorry.. ehm.. oh yes..name? ah they call me Thott sir..”
“So you're sure the claw will drop today?”
“Sarumén what the hell is wrong with him?”
“I think he's taking too many hits, must be down atm”
“What's that supposed to mea…”
“My mighty tauren, exalted commander of the horde, it's never dropped on our server *cough* realm.. Today must be your day!”
“You know if you're wrong, I'll cut your head open and make a feast of your brains!”
“ /moo ”
“What did you…??”

Before he has time to unleash his fury on Thott, Galosh notices a second too late that a small gnome is talking to the fearsome Dragon Azuregos in the distance.

“Silly dragon know that my name is Munyfurmuntpls and I've come to kill you and plunder your treasures!”

Azuregos says something along the lines of “curiosity killed the cat”, teleports the little gnome under his belly and then sits on him.

Galosh stares silly at what happened to the gnome for a second, blinks and finally starts laughing hysterically. His entire army cracks up behind him..

A few minutes later, when he is finally able to compose himself, what he sees makes his jaw drop.

Azuregos lies dead.. A sizeable group of alliance forces is gathered around the dragon. The cursed head of the paladin order, the one called Baablenhearth is kneeling beside the dragon holding something that definately looks like a claw and talking to his men..

“Eskhandar's Left Claw, hmm.. nice set bonus.. Too bad I can't use it.. Bid if you want.. ”
“Commander, proc rate sucks”
“Oh alright.. No takers? Sharding then..”

Baablenhearth turns towards Galosh, shrugs, throws a nexus crystal towards him and says “P YU VB”

The present time..

On the top floor of the mages tower in Elwynn Forest, Archmage Begmore is deeply concerned. With a solemn expression he beckons his fellow mages to the balcony. The group of mages approach the railing of the balcony looking down the lands that lie far below them… A deep silence reigns supreme, even nature seems to have hushed for the time being in a show of respect as to what's coming.

Archmage nods. He also involuntarily makes a thumb up gesture and says “aha”.. God, how he hates that!!! But for some reason he can't help doing it every time he nods! With a voice that's barely audible, he declares that “it's time”… The mages express their approval. They also nod and helpless to do anything about it themselves, give a thumbs up and say “aha”…

With one swift move, the mages on the balcony jump down together… And ice block half way through the air.. Well, all except a mage that goes by the name Deadra, who also goes straight down and splat on the ground. After reaching the ground, the council of mages burst out laughing, mocking the dead mage lying face down on the ground. “And there she goes again! You nub!”

The dead mage would have told them “FFS 3k latency buzz off” but out of respect for the archmage and for the fact that she is dead, decides otherwise.

Archmage gestures everybody to silence. “Alright now time for more serious matters… hmm… nah let's do it again! This is way more fun!”

5 minutes later the council is seriously mourning Deadra, who is once again very much dead.
“All red?”

“Alright most devious mages of the realm! Brothers, sisters, listen to me! Alliance is under a dire threat as we speak. Ironforge as we know it may no longer exist if we don't do something right now. I am not saying we do this because I've forgiven Baablenhearth. He shall be avenged when we nuke him real, I mean ”real“ bad for that +def necklace that he wants! And nuke him we shall, but that's for another time… ”

“It's time for rising up to the challenge! It's time we faced our greatest fears!”

Saying that he sits down and starts conjuring water. Reluctantly the other mages join in.

“Doh should have gone for that mage trinket”
“What matz were needed for the Bottomless Bags again?”

8 days earlier…

“Commander, we might as well look on the brightside, you may have lost the Left Claw of Eskhandar, but we have 40 Aqual Quintessence in stock now, should serve us for more then a mon..”
“Sarumén, don't even remind me of that! Baablenhearth will pay for his crime not to mention the ”U LO SE“ exploit!”
“Yes sire, the plan is in motion as we speak”

Commander Galosh, with Sarumén following close behind enters Blackrock mountain… As he walks slowly and confidently towards the Molten Core entrance, he wants to confirm that everything is in order.

“So, you've recruited the 40 that I asked?”
“They should be here shortly sire..”
“Our alt in position?”
“Yes sir, he is MT'ing for them in Molten Core right now”

As they finish their conversation, a group of 40 undead priests file up right behind them and salute their commander.
“Sarumén, all shadow right? I don't want no holy filth for this job.”
“All shadow sire as you requested.”
“Fine. Now let's head to the entrance.”

The horde raid assembles and starts waiting patiently outside Molten Core.. Sarumén looks at his …. ehm… inner watch.. (which is located on the upper right hand side of his intellectual interface)

“It's time commander………. 3……….. 2……….. 1………… DING!!”
“WTF did you level up??”
“ehm no sire..”
“Ehm I'm a mage sire.. *cough* expansion *cough* not yet released *cough* ”
“So what's with the DING?”
“Watch there commander”..

Suddenly with a flash of blinding light, tons of alliance folk pour out of Molten Core.. Amongst them is the esteemed paladin leader Baablenhearth, instantly recognizable from the skirt that he is wearing..

“Run out run out NOW!!”
“Run you knobs!!”
“For FECKS SAKE!!! How did we manage to pull Gehennas and Majordomo at once!!?! He's not even supposed to have spawned yet.”
“Well good thing Raggy is stationary..”
“Is he? I think I saw him right behind Golemagg and his dog!!”
“That wasn't Golemagg's dog, it was Magmadar”

As Baablenhearth slowly recovers from the shock of his MT's incredible stunt of pulling the entire instance, he notices the horde army patiently waiting for them outside the entrance. There's something weird about the horde army though, they are all undead.. They all wear pink robes which he suspects are from Ahn'Qiraj.. They all wear tabbards with a heart on them… And a disturbing fact also slowly rises to the surface.. They are all priests..

Commander Galosh walks upto Baablenhearth and says “this time… P YU VB nub!”

In under a minute the whole alliance raid is willingly swimming in the lava, smiling stupidly, leisurely splashing lava at each other causing the occasional face melt and over all seemingly enjoying their break from Molten Core till they die one by one.

The horde army swimming themselves in the sweet taste of victory march outside Blackrock mountain.. Galosh turns to his right hand man, Sarumén, smiling in a way only a Tauren can.. presumably while grazing…

“Well, that went well didn't it Sarumén?”
“Sarumén, what's wrong? Come gimme a hug”

Galosh sees that Sarumén is frozen with fright, his outstretched hand literally trembling as he points towards something in the distance.

“Sarumén, you have 5 epic mounts!!”

“…. Munyfurmuntpls!! gnome…”

Galosh turns his head slowly towards the little gnome that is approaching the party in a surprisingly calm manner..

“Hey folks, I'm Munyfurmuntpls, I was leveling up wands, and I'm happy to say I reached 299 real quick… Do you want to know the trick? Arcane Brilliance helps yes but what really does the trick is kiting the bigger mobs”

He raises his wand again and shoots a bolt that goes behind a large dune to the left.. “Alrightt!!!!!!!!!! 300!!”

A huge dragon, known as Lethon in raiding circles, comes around the corner.. In a very lazy manner he shadowbolts the entire horde group…

Galosh screams orders to his group, trying to get his Quel'Serrar and shield out, realizing they're banked in a continent far far away… “Heal me now, Nuke healing, I'll tank!!”
One of the priests puts his finger to the one big problem they're facing at that moment..
“Sorry, not holy /shrug ”

A little gnome says “oops” to himself and leisurely departs from the scene…

The present time..

The noble champion of the paladin order, Baablenhearth stands at the back of his army of paladins and the ever mysterious gnome Munyfurmuntpls, lost in thought.. The tide of the battle has turned for the worse.. Horde seems unstoppable.

He suspects deep within that there's a “potion abuse” at work here! He wouldn't put it past that coward Galosh! At last he decides to share his worries with his leutenants.

“This is a wipe…”,

he thinks to himself, but tries to find more comforting words to describe the situation to his brothers in arms.

“My faithful soldiers, I sense your doubts and deep down inside I share them. In fact I can't help but acknowledge the fact that we are probably ultimately going to get royally OWNED…”

In the meanwhile, the horde is advancing fast into Ironforge and nothing is able to slow down their progress.
Even the trade channel spam is at an all time low as the sellers and buyers alike are getting slaughtered before they can make their exchange…

“100 gold for +100 hp on chest?!?!?! kidding me? Rip off!!!!!!!!!”
“Suit yourself, I'm the only enchanter left alive nubcake! And I should remind you that's on top of mats”

“Ken you make a portal to Darnassus pls? and ASAP plx. Will pay for matz kk?”
“Sure honey, here you g….. PUMMELLED??? PUMMELLED?????” ….gets one shotted.

“I'd love to buy those gauntlets for my alt, can you CoD them to me please?”
“Well I can trade them to you right now, have them on me anyway! Here you go..”
“……Trade laggg ffs! Alright I'll COD th… arrrggg…” ….gets one shotted..
“Told ya” ….gets one shotted..

“Opening lock boxes for free on AH bridge.. Severely limited time offer..” ….gets feared off AH bridge… Falls through the world… Goes out through the other side in Kalimdor, which is down.. Disconnects..

“Does my name mean anything to you?”
“ *puppy eyes* ”
“Ahh go on take this gold, will die soon anyway” …dies and suspends subscription till expansion.

Observing the hopeless chaos that's slowly enveloping whole of Ironforge, in one totally understandable and instinctive moment of panic, Baablenhearth says “brb” to his leutenants and bubbles and hearthes..

A minute later, with the longest face seen in the realm for centuries, he slowly walks out of an inn inside Iron Forge and grudgingly returns to his place by his troops, trying to erase the expression of guilt from his face and chuckling to his 2nd in command “Got ya didn't I?”

“ahem.. So did you go ask for aid from King Bronzebeard as I instructed?”
“Yes sire”
“He didn't respond to me sir”
“Did he respond to anybody then?????”
“Yes sir..”
“Well dammit tell me… to who?”
“to Valorian sir… He gave him a tier 0.5 quest.”
After receiving the grim news, urgently struggling to get his act together, Baablenhearth orders his troops to assume defensive positions and asks his leutenants to gather around for council..

“Ladies and gents, it's time to implement plan B”
“What was plan C?”

147,030 years earlier…

Aman'Thul the Highfather, ruler of the Pantheon, the Titan High Council, is facing perhaps the most difficult decision of his entire immortal existance as a titan.. His astounding wife, skin of beautiful polished bronze, Eonar the Lifebinder, titan of all life and healing in the universe is patiently waiting for his troubled husband to say something…

“Aman, hunny, can you at least tell me what's bothering you? It's been what, 2 centuries and then some and you're still sulking there.. Come on let it out already..”
“Eonar, what I have to tell you is kinda important, would you please sit down on that mountain for a sec.”
“I prefer to stand here on this continent Aman, just tell me what's wrong”
“Please, sit Eonar..”

Shrugging, Eonar sits on the exact spot Ironforge is going to be built thousands of years later as the dwarves will find it technically feasible -not to mention a lot more convenient- to build their city on a flattened hilltop.

“Alright, I'm all ears..”
“This whole titan business Eonar, is all well and good, comfy job, immortal and all, but I've made my decision. I want something else to do with my life.. This Azeroth flick will be my last.. Golgan is handling everything anyway, I am out..”
“Oh come on…. Middle age crisis now?..”
“Well look it's not as simple as tha..”

Right that very second, accompanied by a weird “click” sound, Aman'Thul the Highfather's infinite vision suddenly gets blocked by a devastating black rectangle with weird inscriptions on it.. On the left side of the rectangle is a small fish…

As the most crucial topic in all of existance is about to be discussed, out of nowhere, someone has opened a trade window with Aman'Thul, the eldest of all titans in existance and co-creator of Azeroth,

“ehm.. May I take a moment of your time sir?”

Aman'Thul turns his burning gaze down at the tiny dot that interrupted their conversation, furious beyond words. Eonar bends down and with a finger gently lifts the dot to their eye level. It's a little.. something..

“What are you insect!?!?!”
“My name is Munyfurmuntpls sir, I'm a gnome, terribly sorry to be disturbing, I suspect you two were discussing an issue of some importance being godly and all…”
“What… do… you… WANT ????”
“Well sir… Titan! sir, if my calculations are correct, roughly speaking a munt costs 800 gold.. And that's if I ever get revered with Gnomeregan and grind to rank 6 in the process… Heluva lot of muny to save wouldn't you say? In that respect, I'm selling these nice little fishes that I caught..”

The titans depart Azeroth never to be seen again for a long long time…

“hmm…. I think I should keep the window open… just in case”

65,030 years earlier…

Aman'Thul the Highfather is slowly going insane… The huge black rectangle with the little fish on the left hand side, blocking almost his entire vision….. remains open…

The gnome finally decides that it's time to look for other customers and walks away.. That instant, with a booming voice from the sky, a huge Well -to be named the Well of Eternity right after- crashes in the center of the world's single continent, Kalimdor, where Munyfurmuntpls was patiently waiting a few seconds ago..

“missed… MISSED?!?!!?!”

The present time…

As the greatest battle Ironforge has ever seen is in progress, far away in Maraudon, the warriors of the realm are deep in discussion and even deeper in agony… Sundersrus, the founder of “Tanks United” and captain of all alliance warriors has some grim news for his men…

“It's true.. We are getting nerfed… again…”
“Patch notes out?”
“Yep, here's the deal.. Apparently -the powers that be- have decided that we return to our origins..”
“Which is?”

There and then, the finest warriors of the realm dump all their wrath armor (and the nature rez gear they farmed so far) on the ground… Sundersrus, leaves his Ashkandi to one side and picks up a club…

Savagely shouting and screaming, the group of barbarians rush towards the battle in Ironforge…

6 days earlier…

The blade of the Scarlet highlord.. The sword of legends.. Ashbringer.. It feels godly in his hands, pulsing with a life of its own, it's chaotic whispering like exquisite music to his ears… With every single swing his enemies melt before him as the fire damage stacks once, twice.. Damn, it procs all the time… He charges into Field of Strife, whirlwinds, wasting the entire alliance population in the process, their helpless corpses disintegrating even before they hit the ground… He intercepts C'thun when he is not even weakened and just.. rends.. C'thun bleeds to death in a matter of seconds.. He mass taunts entire Kalimdor and cleaves…

“… huh … die DIE! .. ah what?? Sarumén!? ”
“My commander Galosh, sorry to wake you up at this late hour but there's a forsaken outside, claiming that he ”has“ what you're looking for..”
“… O rly? ”
“Ya rl.. uhm yes commander..”
“Ah alright… let him in..”

The stink of the undead warlock enters the tent before his decaying corpse.. Nothing unusual about him except the book he holds in his hands.. Galosh is clearly unimpressed, he can't help but clap at the stranger, feeling quite silly for a second.

“Soooo… you claim to have Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Angling, the real deal eh?”

Without saying a single word the forsaken hands the book to Galosh and turns to leave the tent.. Galosh opens the book, rumored to describe the location of Ashbringer… His eyes bulge out of their sockets as he sees that it “is” the real deal… However, full of strange text that he cannot read..

“Hey wait up, what am I supposed to, I can't read this weird language.. Whatever it is?”

The undead pauses for a second.. Galosh suddenly hears a voice in his head..

“Bindings dropped?? Second half? FFS! Gratz!”
“MT :( ..ehm.. The words will reveal themselves only to the worthy.. You ”must“ travel alone… and check index..” The forsaken leaves the tent and disappears into the night…

Galosh quickly turns the pages of Nat Pagle's Guide and finds the index page.. He can actually read it!!

“….The book will reveal its secrets to you once you accomplish these tasks…. If you want to learn the eternal resting place of Ashbringer, here's what you must do..”

Galosh can't make sense of many of the things the book wants him to do, but they aren't hard tasks at all.. He's never been more excited in his life.. Before the end of the day, he will be wielding Ashbringer, the sword of his wildest dreams, the sacred blade of the Scarlet highlord!

As per instructions, Galosh first goes to Goldshire to systematically slaughter all young humans in the area. Once done there, he proceeds to Teldrassil, makes a pile of all elves in the region.. In Coldridge Valley, he kills a random assortment of 600 dwarves and gnomes..

He can feel it! He is the “worthy” one! As the book commands, he promptly travels to all alliance quest givers in the world and executes them without any mercy..

Next step is the griffon masters.. Not one of them remains standing after he is done with them..

Right after, he rushes headlong into an alliance Kazzak raid and dies.. Kazzak goes supreme and wipes all alliance…

There's only one more task to accomplish!! Ashbringer will be his before the end of the day!!!

He travels to Orgrimmar.. The final task is so easy, he can't even believe it himself..

The most frightening and ruthless warrior in horde history, supreme commander Galosh stands in front of the Auction House and screams…


There.. He did everything the book asked him to do! He opens the pages and he “can” read them!! Every page has one huge letter written on it.. It must be spelling the location of Ashbringer! He turns the pages one by one…



Galosh gets banned faster then he can say “Oh shi..”

The leader of the paladin order, Baablenhearth, is extremely amused looking at the round object he holds in his hand…
“Jeez, these orbs really do come handy!”

Munyfurmuntpls, is really pleased with himself… After reaching 300 in wands, he's hellbent on improving his fishing skills.. Although his first customers turned out rather cheap, he thinks it may turn out to be quite a profitable business.. He buys a fishing pole in Stormwind and casts the line far away..

It strikes something rather heavy.. He pulls it out.. Looks at it.. Dumps it back in the water..

“Bummer I can't use that! I'm fishing dammit! Gimme fish!”

The present time…

Baablenhearth, is still considering his options which are looking rather limited at the moment.. He makes his decision..

“My lord, you mentioned a Plan B?”
“Yes.. I've decided… Take out the flag…”
“His excellency !!!!?!! Are you sure????”
“Yes, it's time…”
“But won't they be … furious???”

Supreme Commander Galosh is overjoyed with the progress his army is making.. By the looks of it he'll be able to deliver the “gift” personally to Baablenhearth pretty soon…

Without any warning, on top of the gates of Ironforge, thought of as the perfect spot to commit suicide by many alliance folk, a commotion arises.. Several alliance soldiers are unfolding something that looks like a ….. flag….

Sarumén cheers!!
“Commander they are surrendering!!”

As the flag opens however, they see it's not a white flag at all…

The whole horde army convulses in rage and anger! They totally forget about the war waging around them… Galosh screams in fury!!


It's a War Song Gulch flag…

The entire horde army shiver with hatred, remembering the WSG match that started on new years eve and lasted 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes..

Horde gets enraged… ready to kill anything.. everything…

At that moment however, the esteemed leader of the hunters, Ayefkay, rides in on his glorious ram, appearing on the horizon like the sun, followed by his men… They tranq shot the entire horde..

Galosh, in a very relaxed manner, hugs his leutenant Sarumén..
“I did tell you that I'm quite fond of your accomplishments Sarumén right?”
Sarumén grins like a sheep..

Baablenhearth is relieved.. That ought to turn the tide of battle.. At least give them some breathing space..

His men cheer at him!
“ You're the golden boy of the alliance!”
“ My lord, you're the ”one“!! ”

To the side, all but forgotten, Munyfurmuntpls looks to the stars like a true visionary and says to noone in particular..

“There's another…”

Því miður er sá sem skrifar þessa sögu ekki kominn með meira í bili.. En ég læt ykkur vita þegar meira er komið. Tekið af http://forums-en.wow-europe.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-general-en&T=1037253&P=1