1) Heals

Often priest need to cast heals in instance but problem is that once healed, warrior gets damaged mroe, and healing must continue

2) Shadows

In shadowform, when I cast laser spell, group always says heals but I cast laser pew! and then mrage says heals but he doesnt badage? wtf

3) Itemization

This is not a preist concern but in an instane scarlet monestary a staff drops and I roll need but shaman rolls need also, and wins, and this concerns me.

4) That is all for now but there is often other concerns to be raised.

5) Final concern is when I fear monsters then more come, but I fear them again, and even more friends of monsters come, I would think if I was walking around and someone came running by me I woudl run away too, not help them fight

Q u o t e:
1. This is why you don't wait till the tanks health is low for a GH. L2flashheal

2. You have VP at 16? Anywho VP is in no way a means to heal people. L2getoutofshadowformunoob

3. Usually when a priest complains about itemization its tier 1,2,3 but SM staff??? how do you even get in SM without aggoing the entire instance

4.If you want to fear/do shadow damage/any damage at all play a lock other wise but your 7 points in holy and STFU

1) is cool I go to priest in Undercity and he is like “yo, u need to trainn greater heals? rank 3” and I train ranks and now is much easier to heal than rank 1

2) I dont have VP, one time I went to doctor b/c I thought I had VP, but he was like ‘its cool’

3) I dont agroo the incstance b/c I dont know what that means but basically I make all the monsters come, and then we kill them faster.

5) I put points to get shadow laser spell and put points into discpplin to get shiled spell, so now I'm basically the starship enterprise with shields and lasers, but sometimes I still die to monsters b/c my technology is too low.

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