<i>May 23, 2003
<b>StarCraft: Ghost - Update</b>
In order to meet our goals and deliver the outstanding gameplay experience our customers have come to expect from Blizzard products, we have decided to extend our StarCraft: Ghost development schedule through the end of 2003. That said, the Ghost development team remains hard at work, and we look forward to bringing you an outstanding tactical-action console game in 2004.

We firmly believe that this additional development time will prove invaluable, ensuring that the game will truly expand on the legendary gameplay experience found in the previous StarCraft titles. As with all Blizzard products, our goal is to make StarCraft: Ghost the best it can be, and we will not release the game until it?s ready.

Announcements regarding further details and specifics on the release of the game will be available in the near future. We encourage you to check our official Web site for updates, and as always, we?re grateful for your interest and enthusiasm.</i>

<a href="http://www.blizzard.com/ghost/“>Heimasíða StarCraft: Ghost</a><br><br>- Royal Fool

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