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[Texti er afritaður af heimasíðu og er á ensku]

Hello guy's as you know me ingame as Garain but my RL nickname Geiri
we had a setup of a raid with both trials and core members

Warrior Tank - Naurog
Paladin Tank - Gava
Disc Priest - Kherian
Resto Druid - Hyperactive ( alt of Sátariel Resto shammy Core member )
Resto Shaman - Surkalv ( Dps as MS though )
Demonology Warlock - Garain
Arcane Mage - Xiloney
Shadow Priest - Fackazh
Assassination Rogue - Shadowkillér
Frost Death Knight - Gershnik

Well first of all i´d like to talk to you about how the raid went.

I was leading calmly through the first bosses hardly no-one else talking on ventrilo except for me
we downed 10 bosses without a wipe.

Then it came to Sindragosa that we had 2-3 ppl that knew what they were kinda doing.
while it was so many new to the fight i decided that they should go onto http://www.bosskillers.com
To review the fight about sindragosa and what the abilities she does and what they do to you.
After that 10 minute break Reading time i Started sorting out tactics over were to stand etc. and how to tank, we wipe at around 2.7m at the first try but we were still hopefull and gave it another go
second time we wiped at 2.1m due to bad positioning of tanks no offense guys ^^,
3 try we wiped around the same thing due to ppl not being able to renew their stacks in Phase 2
and on the 4th try we got her to around 40k hp and i screamed on vent: GUYS 1 MORE TRY PLS DONT GO 1 MORE TRY, 1 of our member was short on time but he decided to give it another go
then once again we were on her on our 5th try at 600k 2 people were dead and 2 people tombed so i decided and yelled out on vent : DPS HER DOWN !!! we got her down all screaming with so much joy. i just wanted to share this news to you guys all around due to this was our first raid night as a guild and everyone except me with 10/12 done. here i will post Below Few pictures at LK Room those who Gava took our Paladin tank. we missed Hyperactive Being with us due to that he had to go offline just right after we downed Sindragosa.