Ja er bara með smá sögu handa ykkur á ensku… Enjoy ;)

I remember it like it happened yesterday. When I woke up from the sound of Malfurion Stormrage’s horn. I took a look at myself! Had I forgotten my glorious way of living! Why was I so dirty in my most sacred form! Well I was the chief of the Druids Of The Claw! And I felt so humiliated! Stuck in my bear form for so many ages! I had forgotten my allegiance! Well this was a day to remember! The day of the alliance, of the three main races of Azeroth. When I walked out of our cave alongside Malfurion, Tyrande and the outcast Illidan I felt proud. I walked with heroes, and they needed the help of my clan and me! We went on for some time, until the prophet came to us. He told us that he needed us to go to his lair, but we the proud race of night elves needed no one. We later on met him again. Where he had rallied the race of Orcs and Humans. They had reasoned for a truce between their races. But we! Had not talked to them! The Orcs! That had murdered our most beloved defender! Cenarious! Were not well seen by us night elves. But when we realized that they were under the curse of the wretched demons we forgave them. We all stood there. The brutal Orcs, the noble Humans, and the proud Night Elves before a common foe. Which would destroy our world if given the opportunity. The demons of the burning legion! The wretched burning crusade. Here led by the eredar warlock Archimonde the Defiler! Under the command of Sargeras himself were back to the world of Azeroth to finish what they once started. To kill all races of Azeroth. I have not told you my name. But I am Ferias the leader of the druids of the claw! When we first set out for battle. We helped the orcs to rescue Grom Hellscream a hero that fell under the curse of Mannoroth the Pit Lord. We rescued him. But he still had that curse in him. But that blood pact (Curse) was lifted when Thrall Warchief of the Horde and his “Brother” Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth! Thrall took a blow. But it was deflected and Thrall lost consciousness. Grom saw that and used his ability bloodrage and took a finishing blow to Mannoroth. Grom was badly injured and died in the arms of his hero Thrall. Mannoroth’s armour is now in Orgrimmar in front of his hall. On a tree. It was shortly after that. That Illidan consumed the skull of Gul’dan and became a demon. Malfurion banished him from Kalimdor. And Illidan’s only words for that were : “So be it, Brother”. The Final hour grew near. When the Demons travelled towards mount Hyjal. Malfurion begun to set his trap. And asked my brothers and me to defend him for as long as possible. The Human camp was the first to get the taste of the burning Legions wrath. And then the Orcs. We defended for a long time until we retreated into the woods. Archimonde tried to destroy the world tree. But Malfurion had set a trap for him. The Wisps of the forests consumed Archimonde and with him gone. Azeroth was saved! But there begins my tale.

A band of my brothers and me were left behind to save guard the remains of our world tree. The Horde left the nature lovers the Tauren’s behind to help. We connected very well and soon some of the Taurens were learning the art of the druids. We learned each other’s languages and my best friend was Crushthorn Edgewood a great warrior and a great leader within the ranks of the Horde.
Crushthorn was very quick to pick up our language and he taught me Taurahe in a matter of days. We were real close. We both sat on a green hill talking and checking our crops. Life was great! Until we both heard that disgusting cry, the cry of war. We knew at that moment that the allegiance of the Alliance and the Horde had fallen. We did not grab our weapons and kill each other. We bowed said our farewells and walked away. My heart was pounding. Why! WHY!?! When I walked into my camp. My heart sank to the ground. I saw my fellow druids all slain. And the undead that all Azeroth had had as a common foe. Were there alongside the Horde. And they were eating the corpses of my druids. Crushthorn was there, talking to a Horde Harbinger. Yelling for an explanation! A disgusting freak of nature. An abomination, told him that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner had joined the Horde. I could see the expression on the face of my friend. It was not happy. Then I realized I could not be hanging there. I stood up. And ran. They had killed all our sabers. But Crushthorn once taught me how to ride a Kodo mount. I picked out my mount. A White War Kodo! It was so fast, compared to its short and fat legs. I went straight to Ashenvale to regenerate my health and sanity. Then I travelled to Darnasuss and spoke with Fandral Staghelm that blasted idiot just wanted war! So I went to my beloved queen, Tyrande. I told her my story, and she felt sorry for me. She was delighted to hear that Taurens could be druids too; her words were “The Tauren race is most equal to our heritage to the earth. Now they can share our love for it”. But there was nothing she could do for me other than to talk and listen. I went to my restroom to get some sleep. Next morning I woke up and was sent to war in the eastern kingdoms by Fandral Staghelm. I travelled with a raid of 40 to Hillsbrad. We were supposed to lead an attack on Undercity. We had 8 priests, 4 warriors, 6 druids, 2 warlocks, 6 mages, 6 druids and 8 paladins. We were all geared very well. We travelled through Alterac and went to Silverpine forest. When we reached the Undercity. No one was there. We walked on and then we saw a hidden passage. We went through it and faced 2 abominations. They were slain easily. We walked on until we were inside the Undercity. There an Army led by Crushthorn himself was waiting for us. We faced on the bridge. Then an undead rogue was spotted behind me. They had tried to murder me! I ran back. And my army was coming towards me. But when I had my brothers with me the battle begun. There was blood everywhere! The Priests were healing constantly the wounded. And this was a very hard battle for both sides. In the end, the Alliance was victorious! We took several hostages. And with them was Crushthorn. I hated him for trying to kill me. So I ordered my troops to kill all hostages. I did not think anymore about that. We had only lost 15 men. So we went past their defences. And to the hall of Lady Sylvanas and the Nathrezim. As we got closer to her hall, More and more people started to feel sick, so when we finally got to her chamber, we felt so sick that we could hardly stand our ground, she was tough she can have that! Only five of us walked away alive from that battle. We returned to Stormwind, where we received a royal welcome! The five of us never had to return to the battlefields. A mage made me a portal to Darnasuss where I was promoted to an Arch Druid. I chose to live in Ashenvale, to retreat from battle. To live on in peace for the rest of my life. Now my story has come to an end. No more battles for Arch Druid Ferias. So long

The End

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