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12. maí 2011
An End to Population Growth: Why Family Planning Is Key to a Sustainable Future

Fræðigrein aldarinnar 15. júlí 2010
Critical Reading, Careful Writing, and the Bermuda Triangle

Fræðigrein aldarinnar 29. júní 2010
When intuition and math probably look wrong

Fræðigrein aldarinnar 26. apríl 2010
The Myth Gravity

Fræðigrein dagsins 7. apríl 2010
Fibonacci Flim-Flam

Fræðigrein dagsins 11. janúar 2010

Fræðigrein dagsins 5. janúar 2010
Why should humans go to Mars?

Fræðigrein dagsins 19. desember 2009
Physicists detect two candidate dark matter interactions, but say the data are not conclusive

Fræðigrein dagsins 13. desember 2009
Stop Paying Attention: Zoning Out is a Crucial Mental State

Fræðigrein dagsins 19. nóvember 2009
Scientists at Cern hold their breath as they prepare to fire up the LHC

Fræðigrein dagsins 18. september 2009
Live video makes Google Earth cities bustle

Fræðigrein dagsins 18. september 2009
Rethinking the bee's waggle dance

Fræðigrein dagsins 2. september 2009
Pain-free animals could take suffering out of farming

Fræðigrein dagsins 28. ágúst 2009
Winners wear red: How colour twists your mind

Fræðigrein dagsins 23. ágúst 2009
Universal vaccine could put an end to all flu

Fræðigrein dagsins 20. ágúst 2009
Why Do We Call Galileo Galilei by His First Name?

Fræðigrein dagsins 20. ágúst 2009
How psychology can help the planet stay cool

Fræðigrein dagsins 17. ágúst 2009
As Arctic Ocean warms, megatonnes of methane bubble up

Fræðigre in dagsins 15. ágúst 2009
Seeking: How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter and texting. And why that's dangerous.

Fræðigrein dagsins 14. ágúst 2009
The fat that makes you thin

Fræðigrein dagsins 13. ágúst 2009
Late light reveals what space is really made of

Fræðigrein dagsins 12. ágúst 2009
What's luck got to do with it? The math of gambling

Fræðigrein dagsins 7. ágúst 2009
Dawn of the animals: Solving Darwin's dilemma

Fræðigrein dagsins 5. ágúst 2009
Large Hadron Collider Struggles, Adding to the Mysteries of Life

Fræðigrein dagsins 4. ágúst 2009
An Intellectual Movement for the Masses: positive psychology

Fræðigrein dagsins 3. ágúst 2009
Saving fish is possible, unless they're past the tipping point

Fræðigrein dagsins 23. júlí 2009
Apes may imitate, but they struggle to innovate

Fræðig rein dagsins 18. júlí 2009
Why Do We Rape, Kill and Sleep Around?

Fræðigrein dagsins 17. júlí 2009
The calorie delusion: Why food labels are wrong

Fræðigrein dagsins 13. júlí 2009
Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief

Fræðigrein dagsins 7. júlí 2009
Winning the ultimate battle: How humans coud end war

Fræðigrein dagsins 5. júlí 2009
Solar ghosts may haunt Earth's radioactive atoms

Fræðigrein dagsins 4. júlí 2009
Plastic Not-So-Fantastic: How the Versatile Material Harms the Environment and Human Health

Fræðigrein dagsins 3. júlí 2009
Building a crash- proof internet

Fræðigrein dagsins 2. júlí 2009
Ant mega-colony takes over world

Fræðigrein dagsins 1. júlí 2009
The Arctic Thaw Could Make Global Warming Worse

Fræðigrein dagsins 30. júní 2009
Disorderly genius: How chaos drives the brain

Fræðigrein dagsins 22. júní 2009
When friends make you poorer: Surprising insights from the social sciences

Fræðigrein dagsins 17. júní 2009
Population and Sustainability: Can We Avoid Limiting the Number of People?

Fræðigrein dagsins 16. júní 2009
Re ason vs. Faith: The Battle Continues

Fræðigrein dagsins 10. júní 2009
The Moral Instinct, eftir Steven Pinker

Fræðigrein dagsins 5. júní 2009
Phosphorus Famine: The Threat to Our Food Supply

Fræðigrein dagsins 3. júní 2009
How to unleash your brain's inner genius

Fræðigrein dagsins 19. maí 2009
To Be a Baby: Alison Gopnik describes new experiments in developmental psychology that show everything we think we know about babies is wrong.

Fræðigrein dagsins 16. maí 2009
Are humans cruel to be kind? [New Scientist]

Fræðigrein dagsins 15. maí 2009
The most important telescopes in history [New Scientist]

Fræðigrein dagsins 8. maí 2009
Ray Kurzweil: A singular view of the future

Fræðigrein dagsins 6. maí 2009
Dark matter intrigue deepens: Space telescope may have glimpsed hint of mystery particles. [Nature]

Fræðigrein dagsins 2. maí 2009
Iceland: self-image after crisis: Iceland's financial collapse has led its people to vote for a change of government. Another by-product of trauma is the opportunity for a shift in the country's national discourse, says Sumarliði Ísleifsson.

Fræðigrein dagsins 28. apríl 2009
Swine flu and the dramatisation of disease: Recent events show that, while society has the scientific know-how to cope with outbreaks of flu, it still sees disease as a harbinger of apocalypse.

Vísindagrein dagsins 26. apríl 2009
Beyond belief: Research on religion goes after a new target: the secular

Vísindagrein dagsins 22. apríl 2009
Taming Humanity's Urge to War: Must lethal conflict be an inevitable part of human culture?

Vísindagrein dagsins 21. apríl 2009
Carbon trading won't stop climate change

Vísindagrein dagsins 17. apríl 2009
After the Crash: How Software Models Doomed the Markets

Vísindagrein dagsins 14. apríl 2009
150 Years Ago: Scientific American the Patent Office

Vísindagrein dagsins 12. apríl 2009
Marked for Mayhem: Street criminals are selective about their victims. Unfortunately, many of us unwittingly give off signals that mark us as easy targets.

Vísindagrein dagsins 10. apríl 2009
Knowing Your Chances: What Health Stats Really Mean

Vísindagrein dagsins 9. apríl 2009
The Pursuit of Happiness: Has the happiness frenzy of the past few years left you sad and anxious? Herein we report the surest ways to find well-being.

Vísindagrein dagsins 8. apríl 2009
A Skeptic's Guide to Passover: Scientific explanations for the parting of the Red Sea, the 10 plagues, and the burning bush.

Vísindagrein dagsins 7. apríl 2009
Mixed Feelings: See with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses — and build a few new ones.

Vísindagrein dagsins 24. mars 2009
Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe

Vísindagrein dagsins 18. mars 2009
Was Einstein Wrong?: A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity

Vísindagrein dagsins 2. mars 2009
13 Unsolved scientific puzzles: Author Michael Brooks has investigated some of the most puzzling anomalies of modern science, those intractable problems that refuse to conform to the theories. Here he counts down the 13 strangest.

Vísindagrein dagsins 28. febrúar 2009
A Skeptic's Take on the Public Misunderstanding of Darwin: On the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday two myths persist about evolution and natural selection

Vísindagrein dagsins 26. febrúar 2009
Philosophy’s great experiment: Philosophers used to combine conceptual reflections with practical experiment. The trendiest new branch of the discipline, known as x-phi, wants to return to those days. Some philosophers don’t like it

Vísindagrein dagsins 18. febrúar 2009
La st-Minute Changes: Scientific orthodoxy says that human evolution stopped a long time ago. Did it?

Vísindagrein dagsins 13. febrúar 2009
Healing Heat:: Harnessing Infection to Fight Cancer

Vísindagrein dagsins 12. febrúar 2009
Unfinished business: Charles Darwin’s ideas have spread widely, but his revolution is not

Vísindagrein dagsins 11. febrúar 2009
Born believers: How your brain creates God -- New Scientist
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