I really love EVE online but I also found a new game I like.

Three months ago I went looking for good free games on the internet and found Last Chaos on the Last Chaos - Free Medieval Fantasy MMORPG at Aeria Games site. This is a sword and magic kind of a game and interesting fantasy game. I am new to this kind of games as to that moment I had only played one mmorpg and that was EVE-online on EVE Online - a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game - MMORPG. So this was new for me and in short I liked it a lot.

As I am a kind of knight in my real life I decided to become Knight in there. Soon I found out that I had also to choose if I wanted to become pvp fighter or defender of my guild in there. I choose to become Templar knight the defender and a very helpful soul. You can see my character at Howatch | Aeria Games if you are interested.

It is easy to download this game at www.aeriagames.com :: Index - www.aeriagames.com and it is free to play so no harm in trying it out. But beware because you can become addicted and as there are many helpful players in there you could fall for it and start playing full time.

Well this has been interesting year for me and I have met lot of good people both in Last Chaos, in the EVE-online forums and in here on MySpace so Happy new year to you all and I look forward to get to know better in the new year. See you soon.