I woke up.
I was hungry.

Mother was screaming at the boys to hurry up putting on their clothes since the bus was bound to arrive every second.
I put on some pants, and a very old Iron maiden T-shirt I got when I was like .
“oh boy, the boys are gonna miss the bus again,” I thought as I put my fancy hairband in my hair.
my ever so fancy hairband was actually a stretchy band recovered from half a sock.

I strolled to the kitchen still thinking about how awesome it would be If I lived in my dream, in which I both killed

a 100 people, had sex with an elven queen AND became the chosen one!

I saw my mother and the boys racing the clock, the boys putting on clothes and my mother shouting in a strange, rythmic manner.

I think it helped that mother screamed at them
since no happy person would ever clothe themselves in such a hurry that they would fall down repeateadly?

I saw some cinnamon rolls on the table
there were 4 left
I was hungry as I said before
So I took 2 of those cinnamon rolls and headed to the fridge, to get milk.
Before my left foot was able to take the step my mind had so persistantly asked it to take,
I felt a cold chill run down my .

My dear mother shouted, spit flying all over, her angry face suggested a dead polar bear with worms exploding from

her empty eye sockets.
“yes mother, for I am hungry” I said, or something like that.
But to her my argument was not valid, for you see,
she suffers from what scholars tend to call, Obesity.
And therefore she does not like the idea of any last piece of any food of any sort being eaten by anyone but herself.

I shouted at her, with all my might feeling mighty betrayed “WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I EAT THEM? ARE YOU GOING TO EAT ALL FOUR?”
After that outrage of violent information Exchange,
I threw one roll (the smaller one) back on the table,
Tt sadly ended up in a bowl of sourmilk never to be eaten or seen again.

“THAT'S IT, GET IN YOUR ROOM YOU FREKJA AND EVILDOER” My testesterone filled mom “said” and I did so, since that is

where all my stuff is and I wouldn't be going anywhere else anyway.

I sat down in my chair and ate my breakfast, smiled and thought to myself… “I have a pretty good life”

Jósef Ingi Jóhannesson