*Birt með fyrirvara um stafsetningar villur og breytingar á verði*

Ok, þetta er semsagt saga, sem útskýrir hvað gerist eftir lok annarar sögu þar sem tvær vinkonur eru eitthvað að vesenast , fer ekkert út í það hér, enda gerði ég ekki þá sögu.
Hinsvegar gerði ég það sem kemur núna, rituð á ensku…ef ekki bara fyrir ensku tíma.
Það var ungur og efnilegur pólverji sem fékk mig til að senda þessa sögu inn, svo þetta er tileinkað honum….

Seeing as the story itself was pretty much written through Ruri’s eyes, I am going to write this essay through Laurie’s eyes…

Chapter I

It is monday, june 5th and Laurie is sitting by the window, thinking about her life, her past, her future and especially her present.
She’s at a motel on highway 6 in America, a motel called “Grasshopper’s inn”. It’s a sleazy motel with the filthiest clerk you could ever imagine, but it is cheap and Laurie’s self esteem isn’t at it’s highest point right now.
But we begin our story a little earlier.
Ever since Laurie said good bye to Ruri, she has been very depressed. Her parents had thought that it was just some silly little girl’s sorrow, over loosing her best friend. “She was just en ethnic girl Laurie dear, you don’t want to be involved with trash like that”. Her parents used to say with a smile, but Laurie wasn’t even quite sure why she felt the way she did, sure Ruri was a good friend, but she felt like there had been a piece of her heart torn out from her body, when the army took her away, she couldn’t bear it.
In her early teen years she felt suicidal, she cut herself, so deep one time that she passed out, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her parents were not mad at her but her mother cried and her father felt like he was losing his daughter. “What in god’s right mind would make a 14 year old girl do that to herself?”. He said to her mother and they were both very sad.
At the age of 15, Laurie had her first drug related experience. She and a couple of older friends got together and “Chased the dragon”. Which is a slang phrase for doing heroin by heating the substance on tinfoil and sucking the fumes through a straw. This was the best feeling she had felt since ever, she thought, and her heroin use got more aggressive, and she took more quantities of it in each “drug session”. It wasn’t long until she started “skin popping”. Where you inject the substance right under the skin. When she was neck deep in drugs, she finally caved under the pressure, because the more often she took the drug, the less of a buzz she got, so she ended up “mainlining”. Injecting heroin right into a vain.
By the time she reached 17 she was a complete dope fiend, she used all drugs she could get a hold on: lsd, amyl’s, benzos, cocaine, crack, cannabis, crystal meth, DMT, ecstasy, 4MTA, GHB (not always voluntarily though), ketamine, methadone, mushrooms, PMA, rohypnol, solvents, speed and the occasional yaba.
People wondered how she could stand all those drugs and not die, she didn’t care though, as long as she could escape this world she hated, then she was happy.
In her early 20’s she met a man, Jim Hanson, he was a pusher and was considered by many people to be a sociopath psycho who would kill his whole family, if only he’d get but a little cash, in fact he did when he was starting out. But now he was a succsessful dealer and lived in a mansion, and even played the occasional golf game on Pebble beach.
Laurie loved him and she was really happy all the time when she was with him. But after only about 5 years Jim changed rapidly towards her, he had been screwed over on a Columbian deal by his friends, an had to sell most of his belongings and they were now living in an apartment building in New York.
Jim got very violent and he started hitting her, breaking her pelvis one time, but she recovered in a couple of months. She had thought that he was just angry and that he wasn’t thinking straight. About 6 months after the pelvis breaking incident, she found out she was pregenant and she was very happy, she even cooked dinner with the little money she had. She waited for him to come home from work , he was out “Pushing”.
Jim came home, eyes glowing red with hate. He had been attacked by a gang of junkies who had united and robbed him, Laurie didn’t notice his wrath yet though, they sat down and ate. He was quiet, Laurie thought, but then again he was always quiet. She summoned up the nerve and told him: “Honey, guess what…..I’m pregenant”. He looked up at her, stared into her eyes and then he dropped the fork, she thought he was just speachless with happiness, but sadly that was not the case. He went comlpetely berserk, and screamed at her: “What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you really think I can feed an extra mouth every day, in the situation we’re in?!”. She went from beeing the happiest she had been in a long time, to the palest, most scared she had ever been. “But…but…I thought you’d be happy”. She said in a sniffling tone, “SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!”. He screamed at her and in his anger he took up a large butcher knife Laurie had used to cut the meat she had prepared, he launched at her and BAMM!. He hit her right into the lower stomach, she screamed and the bleeding was immense, she didn’t pass out, she just screamed. He couldn’t take it so he took another blow at her, BAMM! Severing her left leg right off, then another BAMM! And her left hand came flying through the air. He then proceeded to a closet, got a baseball bat and a hacksaw, he swunged the bat into her open stomach wound, completely smashing her rib cage and severely damaging her vital organs. She was still conscious, but couldn’t talk, blood came out of her mouth like a waterfall. He took the hacksaw, severing her right arm and leg off, but still she breathed.
He was very calm, he took her remains, put them in a bag, but he burned her severd limbs, but took her body (still alive, but he didn’t know that) and he threw her into a dumpster, and drove off……..

Chapter II

“Oh my god, she’s waking up! Call the doctor!”
Laurie heard a voice: “Ma’m, ma’m it is extremely important that you look me in the eyes when you open them, you had a little accident and we have something to explain to you”
Laurie didn’t understand, she opened her eyes, the doctor got a firm grip on her chin and explained that she had been attacked by her former husband, he said that he had maimed her so viciously that she had become an encyclopedia example, because of how long her body held out. They said that if it wasn’t for the abnormal durg use, her body would have died instantly after the stomcah wound…”Ohh my god!”. She screamed, “My baby! Where is my baby?!”. The doctor replied: “Ok, what I’m about to tell you will not be easy to understand, but we have people here that will help you through your ordeal.
After your husband attacked you, he threw you into a dumpster, thinking of course that you were dead. But somehow your body had become 40% immune to pain and he could hold on much longer than what is normal. You lay there for about 24 hours untill the garbage men came, they found you and brought you to a hospital. The hospital’s decicion after some thought, was that they should just basically put you out of your misery and pull the plug, but attending the meeting that decided that was one of our people, at the time, he asked the hospital’s board of directors to let him and his organisation have your body and use as an experiment. See, he was one of the worlds top scientists in human-ology as we call it now. He was experimenting with lowering the temperature of the human body, or in laymans terms “Putting it to sleep”, or shutting it down.
Your experiment worked, and in order to save you this was neccesary. You see, the injuries you suffered were so brutal that we couldn’t have saved you, the only thing keeping you alive were the drugs in you system. But what we couldn’t do then, we can now. Ma’m…you have been in deep freeze hibernation for 351 years, the year is now 2295 ”Laurie was traumatized, she wasn’t even getting in all the information the doctor had given her, this was just too much, finally the doctor let go of her chin, she looked at her body, her legs and arms were there, but… “Yes, I see you are wondering about your limbs, well over the course of these 351 years, we have developed a technique called TROLT, or the restoration of lost tissue. With TROLT we could use your DNA to get a clear picture of how your legs looked like on the inside. We were able to recreate them almost identically, the bone is made out of adamantium, which is the strongest metal known to man, the tissue and fibers are TROLT made, and the skin is made by a company named SKINRECO, a company that can make artificial skin.
Your body hasn’t really “programmed” the artificial limbs into it’s system, so you will have to remain here for about a year, to get your body to correspond with the new limbs” Laurie just couldn’t take it anymore, she was so shocked that she just blocked everything and shouted: “What the hell have you done with my baby?!”. The doctor looked at her with a sad look, “See Laurie, when we found you, the feedus had died. As we wanted to take every action availabe we used your baby’s skin to restore a woman’s hand, she was in here before you”. Laurie felt sick, numb and disoriented, she felt so shocked that she screamed until she passed out.

Chapter III

Three years have passed, Laurie has come to terms with her fate, her new body parts and everything she went through. She had completed the therapy for her body to synchronize with itself, a year ago. She was now still trying to fit into this future environment.
She didn’t really see that much of a difference in the future, well if you count out the 500 storey tall buildings, hydrogen cars, and a robot here and there.
She was attending an AA like meeting for people that had gone through a TROLT treatment, she liked it and even made a friend who had been completely re-built from the waist up.
Laurie had always wondered, ever since the doctor told her, who was carrying her baby’s skin on their hand, and did they know?
On the 5’th year from her birth as she called it, she went to DR. Wanatrough, the doctor who had operated on her and she asked him if he could give her the information. He looked at her troubled and said that, though there were no written laws about not giving her the info, she should think about the person who had the operation. That person didn’t know that the skin they got was a skin from a deceased child, “I don’t care, I want to see the person wearing my baby!”.
After some thought the doctor gave her the info, Laurie looked at it, “Oh my god!” She knew the name, it…it was Ruri!, Ruri the girl she had been best friends with since childhood, the girl she had fallen into a melancholy state over, after she was taken away. Laurie ran out of the hospital, into her hydrogen car, and drove to the adress on the note the doctor gave her. She got out but couldn’t get herself to go and knock on the door.
A year went by, and Laurie couldn’t stop thinking about Ruri, she finally pulled her act together and went over there.
Laurie was walking on the concrete driveway up to Ruri’s house, when she suddenly heard a creaking noise, she stopped…..KABOOOM! Suddenly there was an explosion. Laurie got hurled into the air, she went up, and up, and she saw that she got hurled up over the clouds. She saw an amazing thing, half of the world was on fire, she couldn’t believe it. As her speed started to decrease, she started to fall back down, she fell so fast that her eyes started to bleed, she fell, and fell, untill… BAMM! She crashed on top of the Empire State building, she was traumatized by what was happening. She managed to climb to the top, then suddenly she saw something falling from the sky towards her. It was a person that was falling even faster than she had….RRIIIPPP! The person went right through the stake on top of the building, nearly getting severed in half. Laurie walked over to the stake and climbed up to the bottom of it. “Ruri!!? Oh my god is that you?” “Laurie? Oh my god yes, it is me”. Laurie couldn’t believe it, there she was, the year was 2299, and she had been reunited with her childhood friend, on top of the Empire State building.
Laurie told Ruri the whole story, about the drugs, the brutality she had had to suffer, the TROLT operation, and about Ruri wearing her dead baby’s skin on her left hand.
Ruri was amazed by the story, she told Laurie her life story, after they got seperated as children. Her hardship in the concetration camp, her teen years, and about the plane crash, that lead to her beeing frosen in the first place. She said that the only reason she could think of, as to why she was given a dead baby’s skin was because SKINRECO hadn’t been around for more than a few years. She told her that she too had been pregenant but awlays involuntarily, “But what did you do? Get an abortion? Wasn’t it expensive?”. Laurie asked, “Abortion is nothing a few aspirins and a coat hanger can’t take care of”. Ruri said with a strange mocking tone in her voice.
They exchanged stories for about 13 hours, then Laurie asked: “But what the hell happened? An explosion all of a sudden?” “Well 17 minutes before we got here they announced in the radio that a hydrogen factory was going to explode and there was nothing they could do about it, then again this happens every 5 years”. Laurie was startled but she could as well cope with this as she could all the things that had happened before.
After a while, there was another explosion, Laurie and Ruri flew off the edge and landed on a very small steel bite, that stood out of the building. They knew that they couldn’t both stand there, so Laurie said: “Ruri, I am glad we could have a chance to reminisce, but we all know you are more wounded than I am so…bye”. She kicked her off the ledge, and watched as she got splattered all over the sidewalk, she felt remorse, but it was either Ruri or her, and let’s face it they hadn’t been that close….

Chapter IV

After this ordeal, Laurie felt so ashamed, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep and the only thing she could do, was end her life.
She decided to go into one of the woods around highway 6, near the south.
She packed all of her clothes and took all of her money out of the bank and drove off.
She reached a motel called “Grasshopper’s inn” she ordered a room, paid for it and started thinking about how she would end her life.
The next day she woke up, got out of the motel and threw herself in front of a big 18” wheeler, the sleazy motel owner came running out, “Thank god she paid for the room first”.

The End