Ég er að gera Dagbókarverkefni í ensku og mér fannst þetta bara vera
hálfgerðar sögur hjá mér þannig að ég ætla að senda inn nokkrar sögur!!
(við máttum skálda!)

Thursday 31st Oktober

I woked up with a touch of a bat. I was shocked! It was just lying there in
my bed! So I just gave it some dictonaries to eat and it just flied out! But I
was really hungry and I just walked outside and there was a wino laing on
the street and I helped him up then he gave me a pot full of gold! I just said
thank you my friend and he just walked away! I just wondered what I
should do with a pot of gold and then I just remembered that I was hungry.
I took the pot of gold with me downtown and I bouht some dinner at a
place called McDonalds! When I came out with my pot of gold an
Leprechaun stood in my way and he said: “Give me me gold!!” and I said: “
Why man?” he answered: “Because mine gold it is!” And I just said ok and
he took the gold and ran away!

Friday 1st November

I woked up with a big noise of some elephants eating my crayons and they
had killed a cute little bunny who didn´t want crackers for breakfast! I just
kicked their butts and told them to give me money and they gave me
478,789.654$!! Then I got to the mall and bought some clothes and
snowboards and sheeps from Uzbekistan who could dance and sing
Magarena! I just went home with my clothes, snowboard and my sheep.
But when I came home there was an elephant party in my house so I had
to kick a lot of elephant asses and ask for shit lots of money! In the end
when I was done I had earned 999,999,999,999$!! So I went to Pakistan
and bought a pencil case and a brand new alligator!Then my money was
almoust out so I spent the rest of it in a Mcdonalds hamburger! When I
finished my hamburger I realised I didn´t have money to go home, but I
only sailed my alligator home!