Mr. Pepperoni Pizza Ég og DrHaHa sömdum þessa sögu í 5.bekk grunnskóla í enskutíma. Ég tók ekki stafsetningarvillur út því mér finnst þær svalar. Þetta er 1-12 kafli. Sagan er á ensku.

Chapter 1

You have defenetly tasted pepperoni pizza. But you didnt know that it was first used by an evil murderer named Mr.Pepperoni pizza 18 centurys ago. He stole pepperoni pizzas from Dominoz incorperation and poisoned them with garlic. He disguised as a Dominoz pizza guy and he gaved dall the people in Rotham city pizzas. But there was one guy that recognized him in disguise. That was Mr.Ham-burger.

Chapter 2

Then Mr.Pepperoni pizza and his evil goones came to Mr.Ham-Burgers house and knocked on his door. Mr.Ham-Burger sayd ‘’ I know who you are’’. Then Mr.Pepperoni pizza tooked out his pizza ray-gun and he shoted garlic into his mouth and he blowed up in million peices.

Chapter 3

Then Mr.Pizza tooked Mr.Ham-Burgers head and eat it.

Chapter 4

Then Harry Potter went to Hogwarts.

Chapter 5

Then all the people in Rotham city was dead. Then Mr.Pizza made Rotham city his secret hideaway place. Then Mr.Pizza and his goones went to the magic school Hogwarts, to kill all the students.This text was on the screen:

Trains: leave:
To Hogwarts 5 o’clock

If you wanna kill all the students in Hogwarts , please take:

Kill Hogwarts 6 o’clock

Chapter 6

Then Mr.Pizza took the 6 o’clock train because he wanted the people in Hogwarts too think he was leaving at 5 o’clock to surprise them but desided too take the kill Hogwarts train to surprise them even more. But in the train he eated candy.

Chapter 7

‘’SWEET, sweet candy!! Ummmmm…. (smjatt smjatt slef)

Chapter 8

And then he arrived in Hogwarts. Hagrid camed and helped him out of the train and he gaved him extra garlic pepperoni pizza. Then he blowed up the front door with his pizza ray-gun. And then Harry Potter camed to stop him but Mr.Pizza shot him right in the heart and Harry Potter falled down, dead.

Chapter 9

But he wasn’t dead atall. He stod up and sayed :’’phuff.Thank god i always keep my want next to my heart’’.And then he tooked the broken wand. Bud then Mr.Pizza shooted him again and Harry Potter falled down, dead.

Chapter 10

But Harry Potter wasn’t dead atall. He suded up and sayed:’’… And my broomstick to. Uhh i think i will be going now’’. And then he runed away.

Chapter 11

But Mr.Pizza caught Harry Potter and sayed:’’ U will send me back to the future ore else… I will not give you candy’’. Harry Potter tried to resist Mr.Pizzas bribe, but the thought of candy was stronger. He sayed:’’ Ok, ill do it. But please just remember to give me som yellow gummi bears.

Chapter 12

The were in a emty classroom. Harry sayed:’’If you wanna come back just slap your face. You can try it right now. (Það á að vera mynd af honum að slappa feisið sitt) Upps, i ment snap your fingers. (og önnur af honum að vera að kyrkja hann eins og Hómer í Simpsons)