Smásaga sem ég var að leika mér að skrfa. Fyrir þá sem hata ensku vil ég benda á það að þetta er ekki flókin enska og þetta er fljótlesið. Enjoy!

I stood there like a fool, waiting to be taken away from this unfair and cruel world. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. They sat there, all the football stars from my class. And my best friend, stood there smoking a cigarette, just because one of the stars said he would pay him some money if he did. I couldn’t bear to watch. The stars smiled. A girl one year older than us was smoking too. A girl who was a pure, innocent girl last year in 10. grade. She didn’t smile though. She felt sorry for my friend. I could see that.

Seeing the first cloud of smoke coming out of my friend’s mouth struck my heart actually. Just like when I saw the girl I had loved for 5 years kissing one of the muscular football star. The though made me angry. Everything’s happening too fast. After two months, I’ll be going to high school. I’m moving to a new house; saying goodbye to the house I’ve lived in my whole life. But saying goodbye to my classmates will be the worst pain. I may have hated them at times, they may be smoking now and drinking, but…I’ll still miss them. But of course, I will not miss anyone as much as…the girl. The only girl I have ever loved. See God? I’m actually admitting it. Remember, I was never sure whether I loved her or not. I couldn’t make up my mind. Not until I saw her with the football star. I remember I burst into tears the night after seeing them together. Of course, my grandmother died just before I saw them, so perhaps some of the tears came because of that.

I made a promise to myself few months ago, just after the school was over; that I would forget her forever and live my life without thinking about her. But I failed. I couldn’t keep the promise. Thinking about the promise made me think about her of course. I remember, everytime she talked to me, her voice pierced my chest and I became nervous. But her gentle voice still made me feel good. Incredible, that such a gentle voice could strike my chest like such an immense force. That was the feeling. Her voice affected me like a shockwave.

My thoughts ended when a tear sprang fourth from my eye and leaked down my cheek. I told my friend it was because of the wind.
My best friend had stopped smoking. Finally, we were ready to leave. My friends were going to stop by at the shop to get themselves something to drink. I was going straight home. One of the stars who, didn’t smoke actually, asked us if we were leaving. My best friend told him he was going to drink. The star was shocked. ,,What on earth has gone into you, smoking and drinking!?”
,,Wha…no, no. Not beer. Just water.
They laughed at this misunderstanding. I smiled.

As I neared the house I’ve lived in my whole life, I got a flashback from the past. I thought about a lot of things me and my best friend did. I smiled again. He has surely been my best friend. He’s great.

Two weeks afterwards, my best friend’s mother called home and spoke to my mother. Mom became depressed and at the end of their talk she said: ,,I’m sorry.”

Mom came to me, still looking depressed. She told me my best friend had died from drug usage.