Floyd wins wrestling match!

WBC welterweight champion and boxing pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather defeated seven-foot, 441lb Paul Wight a.k.a. “The Big Show,” on Sunday night in a wrestling match before 74,635 at Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando, Florida. After being mostly worked over, the 5'8, 159lb Mayweather hit Wight several times with a folding chair, then after grabbing some brass knuckles, Mayweather laid out Wight with a right hand. Floyd allegedly was paid $20,000,000 for participating in this pay-per-view exhibition, although some insiders estimate the actual number to be as low as $2 million plus incentives. Advisor Leonard Ellerbe was part of Mayweather's team at ringside. Photo courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Sunday, March 30 2008

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