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“Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” imo tók titla sem hún verðskuldaði alls ekki og skemmdi því fyrir þáttum eins og Mushishi , Ouran School Host Club , NHK ni Youkoso og fleiri.

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Suzumiya is as good as everyone says it is, but how good is it after all?

Lately there`s been a trend on the database to blab your feelings on an anime without taste or careful thought, leaving it to fester and rot at the base of more thoughtful reviews. I can already imagine the pitiful sight, as I could see myself doing the same thing:

1. Waking up in the morning, you blink, stretch, fart, and leap out of bed in excitement. Last night you either fanboyed, or bashed the hell out of a popular anime!!! Briefly, you also recollect the taste of a fly you ate in your sleep, getting slightly irritated for a second - but only a second. Immediately following, you ponder the great hentai scene you previewed in VLC the night before, and that has nothing to do with what I`m saying. In a semi-awake, semi-aroused daze, you proceed directly to your computer.
2. Immediately you click open your 3242347567562-bit encrypted version of Firefox, feeling confident that you`re ultimately safe. You scratch yourself, yawning, as the database loads up. You`re already logged in, having all the preferences saved, so you give yourself a cocky smile (well, by now you took your hand out of your pants, and waved it at your roommate who was screaming at you to get your ass up for work) and proceed immediately to the “latest reviews” section.
3. Looking at the list, you see a few fellow reviewers and their outrageous scores. You pinpoint out the highest and lowest scores, and scan each of them in disgust. You curse them, then eagerly click the link to your review, curious to see the comments you receive.
4. When you are bashing, you expect nasty replies, and proceed to attack with a spear of contrary thinking. If you are praising, you expect juicy, ass-kiss replies from fellow users…and of course if they bash you, you curse their way of thinking, rather than attempting to reason things out with them. You flick off specs of gunk from food from your keyboard, and eagerly punch in messages that make you feel like God wipes your ass.
5. ??????

I hope some of you got the joke there; if not, oh well. Before anything else, I am NOT directing these comments at anyone in particular - these are just hypothetical. For the most part, I felt an urge to write this into this specific review, since it relates to an anime that has been circled by the entire anime community for 2 months now. Suzumiya is NOT the last anime that will ever be released on Earth - or at least deity Haruhi herself hasn`t said it is. Once again, another good joke on behalf of the Haruhi fascist party pillaging the database.

Anyways I`m finished blabbing, but I think because this anime has such seriously contrasting views, I should try and respectfully look at each of them. Forgive me for not choosing a side, since honestly I think it would be unfair to pick one considering a series as controversial as this one.

Svo virðist vera að okkar “anime” community hafi orðið fyrir skaðvænlegum áhrifum bráðsmitandi sjúkdóms að nafni “Fanboy-ism”.

Annars klikkuðu dómarar ekki og er ég frekar sáttur með þeirra stigagjöf.

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