What is this I lost and never knew was there?

Something is broken,
some thing inside.

Something hurts, that never hurt,
something I don't know.

She has gotten hurt
and so has he,
but he can always flirt,
and easily feel free.

Amore has clearly lost his bow.
how much she wants, she wants to throw
throw thoughts and feelings from above.

Out the window of fifteenth floor,
fifteenth floor or even more.

She's feeling empty, bleeding.
she thinks: No one can save me now
my lips are pale, my skin is white
my lovers, kiss me, on the brow

He looked at her and watched her.
didn't love her, didn't care.
She was weak, he was tough.
Enough was silence was enough

how the pain inside her grew
face of tears, like morning dew
wants to tear his heart away

…what do you really have to say

Feel's like she's alone out there.
She can't love, she can't fear.
Has only one thought in her mind,
a thought that's hers. One of a kind

it is not your fault,
it's not you I blame.
My heart is like a picture,
picture in a frame.

A picture with a knife in it
Meant to be torn down
The people on the ship of love
were always meant to drown.

Frumgerð: SARA
Þessi gerð: VALA

ÉG er btw, anti-ástarljóðahöfundur .. og anti-útlenskuljóðahöfundu
últra arty undirskrift