“Here's some cheerful news to finish off the end of all you European-type's day. UK high street retailer Argos has flipped up a banner on its website, proclaiming, ”Nintendo Wii: Launching March 2007“. According to eagle-eyed ad-watchers, the banner previously read, ”Nintendo Wii: Launching Winter 2006“.

While we'd hardly count Argos as the most reliable source for Wii news, it's interesting (not to mention a little worrying) that the store has chosen to update its banner so close to Nintendo's official European Wii launch announcement, set to be made in London tomorrow during a press conference scheduled to begin at 12pm GMT.

Nintendo observers have been quick to point out that Wii launch details released so far seem to mirror the launch of the original DS in 2004, with the US recieving the handheld in November, closely followed by Japan in early December. Of course, that time around, the DS eventually hit Europe in March of the following year - a disturbing omen?

Before we slip on our shrouds and stomp around the garden ringing Nintendo's death knell, it's worth remember that nothing is set in stone until the company lays down its cards tomorrow. Rest assured, we'll be there in force for full, comprehensive coverage. Oh, and we'll also try and steal you all a Wii.”

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