Confirmed: Prince of Persia Swinging to Wii
Ubisoft is bringing the linen-clad warrior to Nintendo's new system after all.

August 7, 2006 - Last week Ubisoft delighted Nintendo fans by announcing it will support the launch of Nintendo Wii with seven titles, including entries from popular franchises Far Cry and Rayman. In the midst of all the news were hints – largely from what looked to be announcements from Ubisoft France – that Prince of Persia would also climb onto Nintendo's new console. The company's official press release, however, was distinctly Prince-free.

Will the sandy acrobatic scion make his way to the Wii or not? It turns out he will.

“I can confirm that a game based on the popular Prince of Persia franchise is one of many titles Ubisoft has in development for Nintendo's Wii,” a spokesperson for Ubisoft told IGN today. “At this time we can not provide an official date for the game or any additional information about it.”

According to the spokesperson, the Prince project was left off last week's announcement because it will not be a Wii launch title; the company does not have release timing or details for the game just yet.

Ubisoft previously stated that it has more, still unannounced titles in development for Nintendo's new generation console.

Of course, the Prince's sword-swinging, acrobatic moves could be an easy fit for the Wii controller, even if Ubisoft opts out of the controller-to-sword mapping it initially attempted with Red Steel.

Ubisoft will be showcasing some of its Wii titles at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig, Germany later this month. IGN will, of course, be on hand for up-to-date reports.

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