Stærsti vinnutrukkur í heimi (skilst mér) veit ekki hvort svona bíla eiga heima á þessu áhugamáli en er að reyna að lífga aðeins upp í þetta. Hér kemur smá lýsing um bílinn.

The title of “The biggest truck in the world” belongs to the new T 282 B, and it's made by Liebherr, a well-known name in the mining industry.

This baby can carry about 360 tonnes (400 tons) at 64 km/h, costs US$3 million, and it's used in the places where size matters, in fact, it's the most important thing, mines and quarries around the world.

How big is this truck, exactly ?

Well, empty it weighs in at 224 tons (203 tonnes), it's 24 foot 3 inches (7.4 metres) tall over the canopy, 47 feet 6 inches (14.5 metres) long with a wheelbase of 21 foot 6 inches (6.6 metres). And it can carry loads of 400 tons (365 tonnes). So that's an overall weight when loaded of 624 tons (568 tonnes).

Actually, it doesn't resemble much the 18-wheelers you can normally see on highways.

It's quite different from what you might expect. For a start there isn't one huge engine powering the wheels, as you would get in a regular truck. Instead, a 3650-horsepower (2723-kilowatt) diesel engine generates power for two electric motors in the rear axles. So it's more like a huge electric railroad locomotive than a conventional truck. Older giant trucks used a DC electrical drive system but this one uses AC, which is more efficient.