Górillan A man walks into his bathroom and strats bruhsing his theeth, while doing so he looks out his window and see's a gorilla in a tree in his back yard. So the man gets a phonebook and look's for a number to the local zoo, when he calls the zoo he is asked “ Is it a Boy or a Girl Gorilla?”. The man look's out the window and then he says “It's a Boy Gorilla.”, the perosn on the phone says that someone will be over later. Some time later the door bell is ringed and a man whit a stick, handcuffs, a shotgun and a pit bull is standing in the door. The fellow says “Did you call about a gorilla?” the man says yes and shows him to the backyard. The fellow says “Allright I´m going to climb this tree and poke the gorilla whit this stick untill he falls down, when he does the dog will run to him and bite his testacles at which time the gorilla will put his hand to his chrouc to sheild them, then you put the handcuffs on him, OK?” “Sure, but what is the shotgun for?” “Ah I'm glad you asked me that, well if I fall out of the tree befor the gorilla dose then you shot the dogs brains out”. =P
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