Já það er komið hverju verður breytt og hvað verður betrumbætt í 1.6. ::

Added bots

Redesigned the “New Game” dialogue

Famas and Galil sounds redone

Bullet ricochet sounds redone

VALVe Anti-Cheat is now active in the Steam Beta

Explosion sounds redone

New knife model

Servercfgfile cvar back

Dead players hear teammates' radio commands now

Specatators hear team radio commands while specing a specific player

Reworked buy menus

Changed so weapon buttons are deactivated if player doesnt have enough money

Text is now all displayed via GUI2

MOTD can use HTML file

Re-implemented ability to uparrow through console command history

Added disconnect and resume buttons to main menu

Added Steam monitoring tool.

Optimized protocol for Steam content delivery

Server browser can be refreshed with F5 now

Moved muting and friends status out of the scoreboard to Player List section of the UI

Multiple copies can be run for dedicated servers

Scorecard grows dynamically instead of scrollbar

Added hearts and spades to friends minigames

Added ability to force or disable automatic updating of Steam titles

Bug Fixes

Fixed bullets firing thru the Tactical Shield in some situations

Fixed bug with custom decals

Fixed Audio, MP3 and MSS initialization of sound thread

Fixed emptylist arrowkey connect bug

Fixed problem with being able to buy weapon and kill yourself at the same time(server crash)

Fixed most bugs related to Friends messages

Fixed format string crash bug when logging

Removed “escape zone”/“explosion damage” spam

Removed "unknown command_special being spammed from +attack2 pressing

Fixed server freeze/crash exploit caused by malformed userinfo in connect packets

Fixed potential exploits due to buffer overflows in infostring handling

Fixed bug where spectators were changed to Free Look at the end of a round and their setting were never restored when a target was available

Svo er 90% örugt að radar böggurinn verður lagaður, með að hann hverfi. :)

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