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DoD v1.0 F.A.Q.

1) I'm worried about the team changing core gameplay elements to make it easier for new players. How has DoD's depth and immersion been sacrificed for ease of play (if it has at all)?

No core elements of DoD have changed, nor will they change. Realism and immersion have taken a greater leap in v1.0 then it did in beta 2.0. Only fringe elements have been streamlined to make DoD more enjoyable and less frustrating. One example are the doors found through all DoD maps. In our current 3.1 version, some doors open by walking into them, some are open already, while some require the “use” key. In v1.0 we have made all the doors operate the same way in all the maps, you simply walk into them. These are the small fringe changes we are talking about to make DoD more playable and fun.

2) In 1.0, will we be able to deploy all of the weapons onto sand bags for stability? So say we are using a Garand, we can prop it up on a sandbag, window ledge, rubble, etc. so that recoil is reduced?

In 1.0, any weapon with a bipod can be deployed while prone, at a sandbag or at some but not all window ledges. Weapons without bipods cannot be deployed.

3) If someone were to make a remake of hill, would you ever consider putting back one of the best maps ever made?

Just like any map submission we get, it would have to be playtested by the team. If we feel that it was a lot of fun and could fit into a release, we would be able to release it in an update. (With the map maker's permission, of course.)

4) How will the rocket launchers work?

On certain maps, there are rocket launchers placed at or near the spawn area. Players can opt to drop their primary weapon in order to pickup a rocket launcher. You will retain the use of your secondary and melee weapons. Their primary use, like the TNT and satchel charges of previous versions, is to destroy certain walls, items, or objectives (such as tanks) in a map. They can be used in self-defense against other people, but require a direct hit to kill a player. Rocket launchers need to be “shouldered” (aimed) in able to fire - which takes a couple of seconds and is accomplished by pressing alternate fire. While you are set up you move slower than a walk and are extremely vulnerable. For this reason it's not advisable, if not impossible to use it Quake or TFC style.

5) Will the tanks in 1.0 move around?

No - the tanks, like other objectives, are static objectives which one team must defend.

6) As the Lee-Enfield's 10-round mag was reloaded with 2 5-round stripper clips, will the British Riflemen have to press “reload” twice to get a full mag?

Yes. The Enfield is loaded 5 rounds at a time. The player is not REQUIRED to reload more than 5 rounds at any one time. (For example, if you have 2 rounds left and reload once, you will have 7 rounds. You are not required to reload again to top the magazine off at 10.)

7) Have you changed the sniper rifles at all?

Yes. Snipers can now tweak their standing position slightly while they're zoomed in. You will no longer be taken out of “zoom” mode if you move a slight amount. Also there are new scope sprites with realistic scratched and dirty lenses.

8) Do you plan on changing the way “unscoped” sniper rifles work?

At the moment, no. If you fire your sniper rifle while unscoped, you will notice a significant decrease in accuracy. We find this to be incentive enough to always zoom while firing your sniper rifle.

9) Have you changed the accuracy of the K98 and Garand?

No, we haven't changed the accuracy of either weapon. The only thing we've changed with those weapons is the timing of animations - it will take longer to cycle the bolt on the K98, and the Garand reload is much quicker than it was before. The Garand also has a new secondary function for close quarters combat - a buttstock hit.

10) Have you changed the MG42?

No, the MG42 hasn't been changed in 1.0.

11) Do dead bodies affect player movement?

Yes, walking over dead bodies will slow you down.

12) How will you know when you're being shot? Since 2.0, I can't tell when someone is shooting me.

In 1.0, you'll definately be able to tell when you're being shot. Each bullet hit will cause a pain sound - very audible to yourself and the people near you. You will also be able to see the muzzle flash of the person firing upon you.

13) Will the retail version be available in the UK on May 6th like the US version? What about the download version?

Yes, the worldwide release is on the 6th. (No delays for any specific area). The download version will be prior to this, we aren't sure of the exact date yet.

14) Will there be leaning in 1.0?

No, we haven't added a leaning option to the new version but we may be able to in the future.

15) What role does the Bren serve for the British team?

The Bren is a mix of a support weapon such as a BAR and a machinegun. Though it is similar to the FG42 and BAR in both recoil and accuracy, it has more ammunition per magazine, allowing it to be used effectively in a supressive fire role.

16) What is the one thing the DoD Team wants to say about the new release but nobody seems to ask it?

Has the field cook been added yet?

17) What are the system requirements for Day of Defeat 1.0?

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows® 98/ME/2000(w/admin rights)/XP
450MHz Intel Pentium® II or AMD Athlon® processor
DirectX® 7 or higher (DirectX® 7 is included on this disc)
4X CD-ROM drive
Mouse and Keyboard
640x480 SVGA high color (16-bit) display
Windows-compatible sound device
535 MB free HD space (plus an additional 200 MB for swap file)
56k Modem, Cable, DSL, Wireless or any other 32-bit or higher Internet connection, or via Local Area Network

Recommended System Requirements:
700 MHz or faster Intel Pentium® or AMD Athlon® processor
128 MB RAM
3D accelerator card (Open GL or Direct 3D)
32-bit Internet service provider with 100 MB/second connection or Local Area Network

18) Will team scores be implemented, or do personal scores still stand?

The scoring system has had a complete overhaul for 1.0. Players on the scoreboard are now ranked by “Objective scores” - points received for capping flags, destroyed objectives, and defending objectives. Team scores are also available, giving a good idea of which team dominated a match.

19) How large will the download be?

Our current installer is roughly 180 megabytes. This may change.

20) Will we be able to prime grenades without having to throw them on the ground first?

No, that feature remains unchanged. However, the grenades do have a new secondary function - an underhand toss. This is useful for when you want to drop the grenade a short distance away, rather than halfway across the map.

21) Will we still be able to jump-throw grenades?


22) Will Americans and British ever fight alongside each other in a map?

For now maps contain either Americans vs. Germans, or British vs. Germans.

23) Will there be maps with switching side i.e. Schwetz?

In order to switch sides, you'll need to switch teams.

24) Will para gameplay be in 1.0?

The Paratrooper content (Models, animations, sounds) remains in version 1.0. However, the “round” system has been taken out - we felt that it didn't fit the pace and feel of Day of Defeat. All of our maps will use the tried-and-true “respawn” system that everybody knows and loves.

25) Will you be including an optional high-poly model pack for those of us with high-end
machines, or, if not, would you ever consider releasing an optional high-poly model pack for us to

The models in 1.0 are more detailed and intricate than any other DoD release to date - with no significant cost in CPU performance. A “high poly” model pack is something we'd like to do in the future.

26) Was the ability to jump and shoot removed or altered in any way?

Yes. You can no longer jump and shoot at the same time. If a real soldier wants to shoot, he doesn't jump, he aims and shoots. You can still shoot when falling from windows or ledges though.

27) Any chance you will add the springfield unscoped as a choice for allied (american) rifleman?

Perhaps in the future.

28) Now that the Allies have both British and U.S. teams, and team members have expressed interest in putting in the Soviets at SOME point in the future, are there plans for ever putting in another Axis side (Italian, Romanians, etc.)?

There are not plans set for future releases at this point, but anything that happened in WWII is open to us.

29) I have no question, but I would like to say THANK YOU for supplying this game to myself (an Air Force veteran). It's been my most cherished hobby since I got out of the service two years ago. From 1.2 to the present. Please know that DoD has become more than just a game for many of us. I can't wait to pay money for it in the store. It's the least I can do.

These emails do make it through to us, and we do read them. Thank you .

30) In the current Version of DOD, when lighting affects are placed in a map, they cause FPS hits on certain video cards (Intel 810 for eg). These hits are unplayable on most machines, certain 3rd party mappers found a way around this and the fire or
what not does not cause FPS hit at all, with all these explosions im seeing and muzzle flash affects, im wondering, will my video card be able to handle it? Or am i going to have to upgrade??

Where possible we included client side options to change the quality of the effects. If you find that a particular effect is slow on your video card, you can easily turn it off.

31) Will DoD support AMD's upcoming 64 bit Opteron server operator like CStrike?

When / if Counter-Strike releases a 64-bit server, we will do the same.

32) Are there going to be sand particles that ricochet up if you shoot it?

Yes. There will be specific materials that fly up for sand, sand bags, grass, rock, metal, water etc etc. when shot, mortar'd, or grenaded.

33) Because DoD is scheduled to come out at the same time as CS:CZ… Will DoD's player models use the same ragdoll physics that CZ is reported to use?


34) This map list was seen on the Valve test server, is it in fact the final map list? :



35) Any new melee weapons?

Yes, on the British side the Fairbairn Sykes Combat Knife.

36) How are the three main rifles (M1 Garand, SMLE, and karabiner 98) balanced compared to each other in terms of accuracy, power, and rate of fire?

The Enfield and the K98 both have the exact same lethality and accuracy. Both have a bayonet and kill with one shot to the torso, legs, chest, arms and head. The 5 extra rounds in the Enfield proved to NOT be a decisive factor in unbalancing the two. The Garand, with it's semi-auto capability is slightly less accurate than the other two. It does not kill with one shot every single time like the bolt action Enfield and K98. It kills with one or sometimes two shots to the torso, legs, chest but always one shot kill to the head. The Garand has a new alternate fire capability - the buttstock hit.

37) It has been said that the next version will be out both downloadable and retail, what are the differences between the retail version and the downloadable version?

The retail version will have a new VGUI similar to the STEAM interface. The retail version will also have a new DoD title track that will play in the new VGUI while you are outside of game, editing preferences and searching for servers, etc. etc. This new VGUI and music will not be in the download version of 1.0. It will be available however when the next HL patch is released. These are the only differences we are aware of.

38) If Avalanche is in 1.0 is the nade bug fixed (if not Avalanche is the whole nade blast thru the wall issue resolved)?

Yes, all grenade bugs are gone.

39) I've noticed in the trailer, that there are two different crouch animations. One has the soldiers with his weapon pointed toward the ground, like in 3.1. The other has the soldier with the weapon shouldered in the ready to fire position. What determines which animation will be shown?

Whether you are shooting or not. For snipers it will also be shouldered if they are aiming.

40) Can you explain what weapons go to which class for the british?

Rifleman - Enfield No4 Mk1 - resembles k98
Sergeant Major - Sten Mk2 - resembles Thompson and Mp40
Marksman - Enfield No4(T) Sniper Rifle - resembles Springfield
Gunner - Bren - resembles BAR and Fg42

41) Could you tell me , asides from the graphical advances, what advances in anti-cheat technology have been made?

The Valve Anticheat system development is ongoing, always dealing with new hacks and cheats as they appear.

42) Are the retail and downloadable versions of 1.0 compatible or are you going to release the mod version a bit before that, so we could set up a few server in the meantime….?

Yes to both questions. Compatible and mod version will be release prior to retail.

43) I was wondering if the Sten gun in first person view will be held by the barrel grip or the magazine?

Held by the barrel grip (called the cooling jacket).

44) Will there be nazi-symbols which are forbidden in Germany (e.g. the old Scharfschütze-helmet Hakenkreuz) in DoD v1.0?

We have no NSDAP symbols in DoD v1.0. It is ok to play in all countries.

45) Will the MG42 actually fire 1200-1500 rds per minute in 1.0?

The Mg42 will do 1200-1500 rounds per minute worth of damage in 1.0. But as in real life the barrel overheat will be a constant worry.

46) Does the BAR have a bipod in the new version?

Yes, it has a deployable bipod like the Bren and the FG42.

47) Have you updated the explosion graphics?

Yes, our new particle system allows us to create much prettier visuals, including different types of explosion effects depending on the type of material that the explosion appears on. You'll see different effects for stone, sand, water, etc.

48) Have you changed the crosshair in 1.0?

Yes. The new crosshair has a small center dot with the standard 4 “legs.” The crosshair will expand when the player is moving. This denotes a decrease in accuracy from movement. The 4 “legs” will NOT move when you are at a standstill and shooting like they do in CS or Rainbow 6. We have actual realistic weapon recoil at that time, not faked crosshair recoil.

49) Will there be a patch from 3.1 to 1.0?

No, we've changed far too much of the game to be put into a patch. Any patch would be at least 90% the size of a full download anyway.

50) Are there any changes that the clan community would be interested in?

Many of the changes, though not completely geared towards clans, will be appreciated. One example includes a “mini map” that can be marked to plan routes, warnings, etc to your teammates. We've also completely re-thought our scoring system - we feel that 1.0 has a much more balanced, straight-forward way of tallying team points and personal points.

51) Will DoD Betas still be released even after the retail release?

Although they won't be called “betas” any longer, updates will be made as necessary to Day of Defeat. We're always glad to update our game with new content and new ideas.

52) Will we be able to pick up weapons?

Yes - when a player is killed, they're primary weapon will fall to the ground. That weapon will stay on the ground for a short period of time - during that time, any other player can drop their own weapon to pick it up. This is useful in certain situations where a specific weapon is required, when a player is out of ammo, or when a player simply wants to grab a “trophy” after a kill. It's a known fact that during World War II, in dire circumstances troops often picked up enemy weapons to supplement their own arsenal. We find that this does not in any way detract from our class system balance - it simply adds an element of fun and realism that wasn't there before.

53) In the next release, will mappers be able to include fog effects in their maps that cannot be disabled by the players?

No. Fog is still a completely optional feature since it is not fully supported by all video cards, and in some cases can limit a player's field of view. It is still a nice effect, and is recommended to add a certain mood to the game.

54) Why were the different movement speeds removed, and are there any plans to re-implement slower speeds for MG's and faster speeds for riflemen?

This was taken out due to the general frustration of players choosing different classes and then having to constantly re-adjust to different movement speeds. Also, MG's tended to fall behind “the pack” while running towards the front (something that NEVER happend in real life). We find that a constant player speed encourages teamwork, in that the players will stay together more often if they're moving at the same speed.

55) Is it possible to go prone without standing?

At this point, no. We could not find a simple, easily-understandable solution to this. It may be looked at in the future.

56) What's the goal of DoD? Is it realism?

Actually, no. That's a common misconception about DoD - we're trying to make the game realistic, but only realistic as is fun. Another way of putting it is that if a ‘realistic’ feature detracts from the fun factor of the game and frustrates the heck out of players, we won't add it. Who wants to hobble around for 20 minutes on a broken ankle and have his weapon accuracy turn horrid? No one. Making a game that is fun and enjoyable is our goal - realism takes a back seat to that.

57) Are the player models based on the environment?

To a certain degree, yes. Certain maps will use paratrooper models, while other maps will use the standard infantry model. We look to add winter camouflage uniforms in the future as well.

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