Beta 7.1 er <a href="">komin út</a>. Þetta eru ein lítil 3.7 mb í allt, þannig að ef þetta apparat er þinn bolli af tei þá er um að gera að skoða þetta. Breytingar eru eftirtaldar:<p>
<s>BETA 7.1<br>

- fixed de_vegas crashing<br>
- tweaked burst fire accuracy system<br>
- slightly improved vehicle code<br>
- included missing skies (for cs_arabstreets, de_train)<br>
- fixed mp_timelimit bug<br>
- added APC to cs_siege<br>
- new server variable, “mp_maxrounds X” {X = maximum number of rounds to be played on a map, if X = 0, then maps will rotate based on mp_timelimit}<br>
- fixed crosshairs {They now expand regardless of lag}<br>
- fixed player heights {Player's POV is now representative of the third person player model}<br>
- fixed shotgun not showing up in VGUI menus in as_ maps for CTs<br>
- included new death icon for headshots</s><p