Hættulegur stigi! Varúð! Þetta er af erlendu spjalli sem ég er á. Ég veit að þessar vörur eru seldar hér svo mér fannst rétt að vara fólk við þessu. Ég nenni ekki að þýða þetta yfir á íslensku svo hér er c/p af spjallinu.

I purchased a penn plax bird ladder for my budgies a few weeks ago. I came home to find Blueberry, my budgie caught in the hooks on the ladder in the cage. He got his neck stuck inside the hook and the tip of the hook impaled him through his face. He had blood on his wings where he fought for his life. It was so horrible to see him hanging there and I literally had to pull the hook out of his face! I know that someone posted about a penn plax swing and I removed the swings from my cages but never thought anything of the ladder. Big bird, his mate is very upset and seems very depressed. She normally doesn't have much to do with anybody but she sat on me for over an hour an just clung to my shirt. I'm guessing she is very traumatized from watching Blueberry fight for his life. I finally got her to eat so I'm hoping she will be ok. I called Petsmart, where I bought the ladder and they will be doing a full investigation on the ladder and letting the manufacturer know what happened. They have asked me for pics of Blueberry so that they can show the manufacturer pics to prove their product is unsafe. The assistant manager I spoke with said she is pulling the ladders off their shelves tonight whether the manager likes it or not when he comes in tomorrow. Hopefully they will discontinue this item. I will also contact the manufacturer myself.
-Það er snákur í stígvélinu mínu