Þetta ætti að gleðja alla DE spilara, þetta er yfirlýsing frá Gav Thorpe um hvaða breytingar VERÐA gerðar á DE þegar annualinn kemur út (seint í ár). Eins og hann segir sjálfur er þetta ekki viðamikil endurskoðun en gerir herinn betri og tekur á helstu vandamálunum á einfaldan hátt. Respect mitt fyrir Gav var að aukast aðeins. Það þarf ‘guts’ til að viðurkenna eigin mistök og laga þau.

Hér er textinn:

Okay guys, we have a decision.

We have weighed up all the pros and cons of making extensive modifications
to an army book between editions of that book. We have had to balance the
issues of providing a Dark Elf book that existing Dark Elf players feel is
on par in quality to the rest of the Warhammer Armies range, against the
needs to make sure that new players to the hobby are not confused by changes
made to the book itself, and our ability to ensure that we have the same
game rules available to all hobbyists across the globe at any one time.

For myself, each army book has ‘fifteen minutes of perfection’ - that is,
the time it lasts until you spot the first typo, or the first slightly odd
wording, and so on. It is one of the disciplines of being a games developer
for a global hobby to learn that there is no magic wand to wave to instantly
fix things after those fifteen minutes of perfection. No mistakes and total
balance is the goal, but is rarely achieved, but we must always wait until
next time or we'll disappear in a circle of self-defeating constanbt

In consideration of this, the next Warhammer Annual will contain an official
errata for the Dark Elves book. This errata is shorter than many you will
have seen before. This is for two reasons:

1. To ensure that the modifications are straightforward and do not introduce
an further contradictions with existing rules or Q+A, and be easy to
implement and remember for players.

2 To ensure that we continue to focus on the development of armies not yet
released, and future supplements. The Dark Elf errata is slightly more
extensive than would normally be the case, however, these will be the final
amendments (notwithstanding more typos becoming evident!) until the book can
be fully revised. It is counter-productive to constantly revisit existing
books making minor changes - a bit like the dutch boy and the dyke. This
more extensive errata of the Dark Elf book is a one-off for that particular
supplement, and is not intended to set a precedent of constant revisions for
other army books.

In light of this, I have focussed the errata on what I perceive to be the
most deserving cases. There are modifications beyond this which would be
desirable, but in order to retain clarity these must be left until a full
revision and new edition of the book is released. Basically, if we start
fiddling with the Dark Elves in too much detail, trying to second-guess
further development, there is the danger that we should do the same for all
of the other army books, requiring a considerable amount of resource best
spent elsewhere.

The additional dark Elves errata that will be printed are as follows:

* P7, 31, 80 Replace Black Guard Hatred with Eternal Hatred:
Eternal Hatred: Black Guard are vicious killers and Hate everyone and
everything. In addition, hatred continues to have an effect in second and
subsequent rounds of a combat.
* P8, 29, 80 Increase Ld of Cold One Knights to 9.
* P10 Add following to Frenzy rules for Witch Elves:
While frenzied Witch Elves still Hate High Elves although normally immune to
* P10 Change line of first para of Cauldron of Blood from:
Any shooting hits scored against the unit are divided evenly between the
Any shooting hits scored against the unit are randomised between the
Guardians and Cauldron in the same manner as war machines (discounting any
hits against the Cauldron itself).
* P11 Add to first para of Assassin Hidden rule:
Alternatively, he may deploy as a Scout.
* P10 Increase range of Cauldron of Blood's Red Fury to 24".
* P13, 31, 80 War Hydra apprentices Movement increased to 6.
* P17, Word of Pain spell. Add, ‘including units in combat’ to
the end of the second sentence.
* P19 Blood Armour, add ‘total save’ before 1+ in the last
* P27 Give Beastmaster Light Armour option for +2pts, and Sea
Dragon Cloak option for +6pts. Add lance option to Beastmaster for +4 pts.
* P28 Decrease Dark Elf Warriors points to 7 points each.
* P29 Two Cold One chariots may be taken for a single Special
* P30 Executioners have heavy armour as standard, no points