Chances are because its “rtcw 2” its in the future! and that means the panzerfausts will be NUCLEAR! jahaa!!!

Time will kill ET because of the fact RtCW2 won't be released for some time.. a long time at that.

But what will kill RtCW2?! I'll tell you! In this new version:
- Medics can down self-implode when in danger, taking out enemies in a 200ft radius.
- Soldiers can now fire a panzerfaust while prone.
- You can now throw your knife! Hitting the enemy will cause a poison like effect. Quickly killing your enemy.
- With the recent release of Spiderman2 we've decided it would be best that you can now stick to the ceiling to surprise your enemy.
- With the return of +lean we introduce a new command! +spideysense.. while using this sense (axis only) you can permanently see your enemy through the walls. This helps to not clutter your config with +lean.