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það sem fjallað er um hvernig Nvida kaupir Amd og býr til annað fyrirtæki úr því sem heitir AmVidia

Algjört snild!!! ég ræð ykkur að lesa alla greinina!

smá sýnishorn:
As for Xbox - this is probably the end of the road for Microsoft. As everyone knows, there is nothing cool about Microsoft, and Nvidia single-handedly made the Xbox what it is today. AmVidia is unlikely to want to work with Microsoft when it has everything it needs to make its own Xbox successor. This leaves Microsoft with nothing more than the hope the Kyro IV works. Apparently, it doesn't. Oh, dear.

Bill Gates is believed to have told a gathering of his highest ranking officers, ”Well, boys, I am really, really rich. This is your problem. Bye."

Well lesið bara allt !!!

Glæsilegur samruni þetta… og það á 1. Apríl !!