Hvað írar kalla hluti og hátíðar Írar eru betri en bretar því að þeir kunna að haga sér eins og alvöru fólk og eru ekki eins og nasistinn hann Gordon Brown, bara að þakka fyrir það að þeir verði ekki eins og hann, en það besta við þá er skapið og allt og líka hverning þeir orða hlutina.

Irish: “Negros turned inside out.”
Irish (verb): to add alcohol.
Irish alarm clock: punching a sleeping man in the groin then farting in their face.
Irish apple: a potato.
Irish baseball: a brick throw at protestants and/or the British because they're bastards.
Irish breakfast: a pint of anything, preferably stale.
Irish cap: a scally cap. they look like the gay hats Samuel L. Jackson wears but they're Irish and not gay.
Irish car bomb: cocktail of Guinness stout, Jamison's whiskey and Baileys' Irish cream.
Irish Christmas: st paddy's day.
Irish coffee: coffee and alcohol.
Irish comics: the obituaries.
Irish confetti: small rocks thrown at protestants and/or the British. (also see Irish baseball.)
Irish courage: the kind of courage you get after drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
Irish curse: the United Kingdom.
Irish Dayquil: alcohol.
Irish elevator: a door on the second or third floor of an Irish home with an enticing sign on it to stop burglars, when opened the door leads to nothing, the burglars then falls and dies.
Irish exit: to leave a social event drunk without any memory of what went on there.
Irish flu: a bad hangover.
Irish handcuffs: when a person is carrying a drink in both hands at once.
Irish handshake: greeting someone with a backhanded smack in the face.
Irish king snake: naturally large Irish male genitalia.
Irish kiss: a head butt.
Irish kisses (plural): farts in one’s face while asleep.
Irish knife: jagged broken beer bottle.
Irish lace: spider webs in your house. (see also Irish curtains.)
Irish laundry: turning an article of clothing inside out and continuing to wear it so it looks clean.
Irish makeover: using a potato-peeler to carve up someone’s face.
Irish nap: drinking till you pass out.
Irish pajamas: whatever clothes you happened to pass out in.
Irish rich: richer than those around you, but still middle class.
Irish Riviera: Massachusetts' South Shore, South of Boston, the Irish capital of America.
Irish roulette: when several men have sex with the same woman, the looser is the one who gets her pregnant.
Irish screwdriver: a hammer.
Irish seven-course meal: a six-pack and a potato.
Irish shower: too much cologne.
Irish sick-day: calling in sick because of a hangover.
Irish surprise: when you find out the girl you did while you were drunk got pregnant.
Irish tea party: when you are the last person conscious at a party, you tea bag everyone else.
Irish toast: French toast but made with whiskey instead of milk and eggs.
Irish twins: siblings born within 12 months of each other.
Irish vacation: time spent imprisoned. (usually by the British.)
Irish Pretzel: After a night of drinking, passing out in a weird position.
Limey: a Brit.
Mick: an Irishman.