I will post in english as my Icelandic is rather erratic. Feel free to reply in icelandic or english. Did you play Tímaflakkarinn? What do you remember from it, and did you manage to complete it? :) I just found the old Tímaflakkarinn computer game from 1998. I remember getting stuck at some point and now I get stuck again in part 3 where you are the the first protestant bishop Gissur Einarsson. You are supposed to throw the catholic symbols out of the church, but you need a bag in the drawer under your bed. In the drawer however, there is a little devil you need to get rid of. I have tried any combination of any items on any object in the level and I am not getting further. You got money, a bible, thread, buttons, scissors and a little chair. Does anyone have any clue about what to do here? I can look at the bible, but the shown text does not give me any useful hints. I appreciate any feedback! Raff1