Police report scores of parents are selling their own daughters’ used underwear online, with a dozen arrests this year alone. Many go on to provide their lolicon customers with pornographic images of their own children in a trade which has authorities exasperated.

Others prefer to simply smear fresh pantsu with their own urine and pass them off as the genuine article…

The trade is a profitable one, with the underwear selling for several thousand yen a pair, and costing only a few hundred yen new; buyers and online marketplaces specialising in such fetish items are relatively easy to come by.

An administrator of just such a site speaks of the trade:

“The maniacs who buy these things are a picky bunch, and won’t accept goods which aren’t dirty enough. If they aren’t satisfied with how soiled they are, they’ll demand refunds. You really have to make sure they’ve been worn for at least 2 days, and have the urine stains to prove it. However, stains from excrement are a real no-no.

There are some bad sites out there where the sellers just smear their own urine on pantsu for little girls and then sell them as genuine, but the maniacs who buy these soon sniff them out and report them.”

Such are the proclivities of buyers, one seller even reportedly resorts to shipping the goods chilled in special packaging.

The maniacal following of the trade is well known to police for dealing in other unsavoury items, such as illicit pornography, and the law long ago cottoned on – prefectural ordinances in many parts of Japan strictly prohibit the sale or procurement of any child’s underwear.

However, enterprising lolicon soon found a way around the law – the statutes only prohibit buying from children; anyone else is free to sell such used underwear by simply acting as an intermediary, and who else would have such ready access to a young girl’s underwear than her mother?

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