320 - European Road Show 320 - European Road Show

Leikstjóri: Dan Povernmire

Gestaraddir: Kiss, Andy Dick, Michael McKean

Um þáttinn:
Brian og Stewie halda að þeir séu á leiðinni til Englands en þeir lenda óvænt í Sádí-Arabíu. Á meðan í Bandaríkjunum eru Peter og Lois á KISS tónleikum.

Skemmtileg “Quotes”:
Bréf Stewie: Dear stupid dog, I've gone to live with the children on jolly farm. Good bye forever. Stewie.
P.S. I never got a chance to return that sweater Lois gave me for Christmas. Umm, I left the receipt on top of my bureau. I'm probably over the thirty day return limit but umm… I'm sure if you make a fuss they'll at least give you a store credit or something. Umm.. It's actually not a horrible sweater. It's… It's just I can't imagine when I would ever wear it you know? Oh I also left a button on the bureau. I'm not sure what it goes to, but I can never bring myself to throw a button away. I know that as soon as I do I'll find the garment it goes to and then it'll… Wait a minute, could it be from the sweater? Did that sweater have buttons? Hmm… Well I should wrap this up before I start to ramble. Again, goodbye forever.
P.P.S. You know, it might be a little chilly in London, I'm actually going to take the sweater.

Lag Stewie og Brian
Brian & Stewie: You and I are so awfully different, too awfully differnt, to ever be pals.
Stewie: Do you want to go first.
Brian: Yeah i'll go, your favorite hero is the Marquis De Sade.
Stewie: Oh your one to talk, you got a stiffy from Phylicia Rashad.
Brian: Oh one time
Stewie: I have a style flair, just look at my hip hair.
Brian: Oh yeah thats quite a nice do there.
Stewie: Oh thanks
Brian: For me to poop on.
Stewie: What
Brian: Oh come on you look like Charlie Brown.
Stewie: Oh bite me snoopy.
Brian & Stewie: Theres not a whole lot that we got to agree on..
Brian: Cause I love the strains of a classical score.
Stewie: And I like that singer who looks like a whore.
Brian: Ricky Martin
Stewie: Love him
Brian & Stewie: Were too different to ever be pals…You and I are so awfully different, too awfully differnt, to ever be pals.
Brian: Your heads as massive as a meteorite.
Stewie: Oh very funny…you have a weenie like a christmas tree light.
Brian: I bet money, you'll marry a honey, who's pretty and funny, and her name will be Ted.
Stewie: Oh a gay joke.
Brian: I just work with what you give me.
Brian & Stewie: You might think were in sync but we stink, as a duo..
Brian: Cause you get a kick out of carnege and guts.
Stewie: And you get a kick out of stroking your…
Brian: Whoa whoa whoa, you cant say that on TV
Stewie: What, ego.
Brian: Nevermind
Brian & Stewie: Were too differnt to ever be pals.