316 - A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas 316 - A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas

Höfundur: Danny Smith IV

Leikstjóri: Brian Hogan

Gestaraddir: Danny Smith IV, Kiss, Patrick Warburton, Jennifer Tilly, Matt Weitzman, Gary Janetti, Garrett Donovan, Craig Hoffman, Mike Henry

Um þáttinn:
Það eru jól hjá Griffinunum en þegar Peter gefur óvart allar fjölskyldugjafirnar til góðgerðamála verða þau að fara að versla á aðfangadagskvöld. Heima er Brian fastur í tréinu og brennur því kalkúnninn hennar til ösku. Þegar komið er heima þarf Lois að hamast á fullu til að geta bjargað jólunum.

Skemmtileg “Quotes”:
Peter: Lois, can't we tell em that your mother died?
Lois: Peter, I'm not gonna lie about something like that.
Peter: Alright alright I'll kill your mother… God, when did Christmas become so complicated.

Quagmire: Hey, maybe we should set him up with another Lemon Snowcone eh?
Peter: Oh thanks, the last one you gave me didn't taste like lemon at all. It tasted like…. oh you guys are asses!

Peter: Ahh crap, since when did they change the meaning of for to from?
Brian: I think they had a meeting about it last night.
Peter: Why wasn't I told?
Brian: They sent you a card but it said for Peter on it, so you must have thought it was from you so you didn't uh…. you know its just easier to call you stupid

Peter: As we all know, Christmas is that mystical time of year when the ghost of Jesus rises from the grave to feast on the flesh of the living! So we all sing Christmas Carols to lull him back to sleep.
Bob: Outrageous, How dare he say such blasphemy. I've got to do something.
Man #1: Bob there's nothing you can do.
Bob: Well I guess I'll just have to develop a sense of humour

Bonnie: I am the Virgin Mary. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.