Var Inná og sá þátta yfirlit yfir fyrstu þættina í 7 seríu sem munu byrja í sept og verður hægt að sjá þá þar enn veit ekki með SkjáEinn enn allavega hér kemur yfirlitið: Season seven will air in the 2008-2009 television season and is set to premiere on September 28, 2008. The season is scheduled to end with the episode “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side”, a parody of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
6ACXO4″Love Hurts….Literally”: Stewie becomes surprised that his ex-girlfriend Lidanne returns to Quahog, only to find out she has a new boyfriend: Quagmire. So Stewie tries to break them up, but instead, Quagmire asks Lidanne to marry her. Then Stewie loses all self-control. So Brian tries to pull him together so he can stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Peter feels sorry for Brian losing Jillian, his ex-girlfriend, so he tries to help convince her what a great guy Brian is. However, it will be hard doing it around her new boyfriend, Mayor West.

6ACX05 “I Dream of Jesus”: Jesus is banished to the real word by God after he rips a hole in the space time continuum, in which he befriends Peter. However, it causes destruction within Quahog, so Peter kills himself to contact God and convince him to bring Jesus back. Meanwhile, Stewie creates a device that brings Rupert to life.

6ACX07 “Baby Not on Board”: Eliza returns from England to help Stewie carry out his plan to kill Lois during a picnic, which is to use a chainsaw to cut down a tree to crush her. However, when Brian tells Stewie that Lois never caused him to be trapped in her body, he decides that he loves Lois and was foolish to tried to have killed her all these years. So when Eliza cuts down the tree, just before it’s about to crush her, Stewie pushes her out of the way and gets crushed instead. The family takes him to the hospital, only to find out he’s dead. The whole family is depressed about his death. Even Lois. But when Eliza frames Lois for Stewie’s death and tells the whole town, Mayor West brings her to court for a trial, with Eliza being her opponent. But when Stewie mysteriously come back to life for doing a good deed, he and Brian go to court to save Lois before she is sentenced to death. Meanwhile, the giant chicken returns to fight Peter, who discovers why he reincarnates.

6ACX09 “The Man with Two Brians”: Fed up with the lack of respect he gets, Brian runs away to Boston. Peter is then forced to get a new dog named Zack, but then realizes he wants Brian instead, so he goes to Boston to get him back. Meanwhile, Quagmire loses his job has a transsexual harasser and is forced to work at the brewery with Peter, who helps him have fun working there.

6ACX10 “Tales of a Third Grade Nothing”

6ACX11 “”Ocean’s Three and a Half”:After blowing his entire savings on an all-you-can-eat-buffet at burger king, Peter gets the family broke, so he, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe attempt to steal money from a casino. However, Mayor West’s security system reveals their identities, which sends them all in jail. After their bail, Peter realizes that he has a great time in prison that he wants to live there; So Lois and Brian try to make him come to his senses. Meanwhile, Chris and Stewie try to help Meg get a date, and as a result, it works.

6ACX12 “Family Gay”: Brian’s cousin, Jasper, tells Brian that his husband, Ricardo, has divorced him, Brian lets him stay at the Griffin house until he gets back on his feet. However, it creates tension between Peter and Stewie. For Stewie, a gay show on TV makes Stewie believe that he is gay, so he starts making out with Jasper. For Peter, he is injected with a gay gene to see if he is gay, and he believes it’s true, so he starts making out with every gay being in Quahog. Worried about their craziness, Lois and Brian try to sort things out with them before they go completely insane.

6ACX13 “The Juice Is Loose!”: Meg finally looses her mind after Peter embarrasses her at the prom, and she goes on a wild rampage, killing a lot of people. The griffins realize that the only way to calm Meg down is to make everyone be nice and cool to her. Meanwhile, after losing another $5,000 bet with Stewie, Brian agrees to be his eternal servant for a week to avoid getting his ass kicked.

6ACX14 “Anchorwoman: The Legend of Lois Griffin”: When Peter gets fired from the factory; Lois tries to get a new job supporting the family but can’t look for one. Then, Tom Tucker takes her in after being fed up with Dianne, and Lois gets a job at Quahog 5 news and steals Dian Simmons’ spotlight, prompting Diane to come up with a way to send Lois’ career down the crapper, while Peter gets jealous of her success, so he and the guys make a show called Douches to beat the newsteam in the ratings. Meanwhile, because of Lois’s busy schedule, Stewie is put back into Daycare where he encounters his rival, Bertram, who’s teamed up with Eliza Pinchley, whose adopted evil kung-fu parents moved her there to help her get revenge on Stewie for sending her in the slammer.

6ACX15 “Three Kings”: After Lois finally pulls Peter’s last straw {by becoming extremely drunk and ruining his’ promotion speech for the fattest man award and making him the laughing stock of the whole town], he declares a divorce between him and Lois. She than chooses Chris and Meg to live with her, but she forgets about Stewie, who is now forced to live with Peter and Brian, who are moving to live in New York for the rest of their lives. But when Peter saves the president from falling off the empire state building, he, Brian, and Stewie are awarded the three presidents of the United States. Then Lois, Chris, and Meg hear about it, so they try to convince them to come back home, even if it means dropping the divorce.

6ACX17 “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven”: Not all dogs Go to Heaven: Brian dies after getting in to the garbage and eating some chocolate, but remains in limbo as he has done 50% good things & 50% bad things in his life. With the help of Death, Brian must perform a wonderful deed in order to get his life back. Meanwhile, when Meg finally stands up to Connie Dimico, she becomes the most popular girl in school.

6ACX18 “Family of the Future” [Family Guy and Futurama crossover]: Stewie invents a time machine to see if he rules the world in the future. However, the system starts to malfunction, and sends the whole family into the 30th century, where they meet the characters of Futurama. Meanwhile, Stewie befriends Bender and they become pals, but turns Stewie into a robot.

6ACX19 “American Guys” [Family Guy and American dad crossover]: After losing his job at the brewery again, Peter doubts himself until he meets Stan Smith, an FBI agent, who become friends with him and turns him into and FBI agent. When Lois gets upset that he will die, he tries to ruin their friendship. Meanwhile, Stewie fears that Stan will suspect him as a criminal after encountering him in a dream.

\ 6ACX20 “The White and Yellow”[Family Guy and The Simpson’s crossover]: While doing a driving test, Chris accidentally runs over Homer Simpson, so the Griffins let him and his family stay at the house until he gets better. However, it creates strife within the family. Meanwhile, Stewie develops a crush on Maggie, and tries what ever he can to win her heart.

6ACX23 “The Howling” [Halloween special]: Stewie learns that his ancestor, Huckleberry Griffin, has died of lung disease. So he and the Family go to his funeral, only to find out he’s giving all his wealth to whoever stays in his mansion for a week. So he and the family stay at the creepy mansion, where everyone tries to conquer their fears. However, Stewie gets bitten by a werewolf and starts killing people, so Lois and Brian try to find the head werewolf before he ends up killing his closest friends.

6ACX24 “Everybody hates Lois”: Fed up with Lois again, Stewie comes up with the best idea to kill Lois: help. So he formed an alliance with everyone who ever hated Lois because of her bitching out, including Meg and Brian. However, Peter and Chris refuse to join the alliance no matter how much they live through Lois’ bitching out. As a result, a war begins.

6ACX25 “Everybody hates Peter”: James Woods returns to seek revenge on Peter by forming an alliance with all the people in the world that despise him [including the giant chicken]. However, an unexpected surprise comes to help out Peter. Meanwhile, Chris becomes smarter after the evil monkey leaves to terrorize Cleveland Jr.

6ACX26 “Lois’ Bitch-no-more Marathon”: Fed up with her complaining, Peter and Stewie tell Lois that if she can go a whole damn month without bitching out, he will buy her whatever the hell she wants. She accepts, but Peter and Stewie have tricks up their sleeve to break her. Meanwhile, Brian invents a new drink that gets him a lot of money, but then he realizes it’s illegal.

6ACX27 “Double Trouble”: Stewie makes a cloning machine to double his chances of ruling the world. Then he gets to get a drink of water when Peter sneaks in his room and mistakes the machine for a miniature ice cream shop. Than after a puff of smoke, Peter meets an exact clone of himself, which creates chaos in the Griffin home. So peter must confront Stewie to reverse the effect. Meanwhile, a comet passes by the Griffin house and gives Chris psychic powers.

6ACX28 “Crappy Birthday to You”: It’s Stewie’s 2nd birthday [finally!] and he wants world domination for his present. However, when Lois finds his plans, she decides to make his wish come true when president elections come up when Clinton retires. It eventually becomes successful, but Stewie unfortunately goes over his head and creates a device to blow up Europe. So Lois tries to convince Stewie to shut down the device. Meanwhile, Peter decides to take martinis, which causes him to suffer brain damage.

6ACX29 “Son of a Brian”: Brian’s son, Dylan, returns after Tracy dies of heart disease. So Dylan is now forced to live with Brian for the rest of his life. Worried about Brian’s obsoleteness from before, Lois tries to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Meanwhile, Peter gets a job at the drunken clam after being fired from the brewery, and goes on a long drinking spree.

6ACX30 “Road to Hollywood”: Brian and Stewie go on a vacation to Hollywood, because Peter and Lois have been fighting a lot lately. When they get their, they are mistaken for movie actors, and are brought to a studio to perform. They do great, and are in the movie. When the real actors show up, they get mad that their part is taken, and y to mess Stewie and Brian up. When they do, Stewie and Brian are kicked out of the movie. They are mad, and tell the director, but he doesn’t believe them. Stewie and Brian lock the director in a room, and take over the show. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris take Peter and Lois out, to get their marriage back on track, and it works.

6ACX31 “Who Shot Mayor West?[1] : Mayor West is forced to devastate spooner street for a city project, which leads to a series of events that makes everyone hate him, which make everyone a suspect when he is shot in an alley. Meanwhile, Stewie reunites with Olivia, who was thought to be dead, as she seeks revenge at him by stalking him wherever he goes.

Who Shot Mayor West? [2]: The police track down a ton of clues to lead that Peter killed Mayor West. So Lois and Brian encounter Mayor West [who was brought back to life] to ask him what really happened. Meanwhile, fed up with her stalking around, Stewie seeks help from Jeff to take back Olivia.
6ACX32 “Death for a Day: Death takes a vacation after receiving cancer, and stays with the Griffins again until he recovers. Meanwhile, Death asks Stewie to do his job for him, and he accepts, and does an extremely great job.

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Everybody wants to go to heaven…but nobody wants to die..