Southpark Spurningar og svör (K/P) :/ Þetta er C/P greinar og síðan sem ég tók þetta frá heitir: … ég sendi þetta K/P inn vegna þess að mér finst þetta mjög áhugaverð lesning, og Fragman.. en og aftur… afsakaðu K/P-ið….

Skíringar fyrir þá sem ekki skilja þetta:
Q: question: Spurning
A: answer: Svar

Below are many FAQs about the South Park show, the Creators and Crew. We will be updating these often.
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Q: Is there going to be a second South Park Movie?
A: As of right now Matt and Trey are not thinking of making a second Movie.

Q: Is there going to be an Orgazmo 2?
A: There are no plans for an Orgazmo 2 at this time.

Q: What does Matt and Trey think of being able to download full episodes off the internet?
A: Matt and Trey love it that fans can download episodes off the internet. They feel any way you can see the show is a good way!

Q: Is it true that EMINEM is going to be in a South Park episode and KILL Kenny for GOOD?
A: Eminem has never been up for a part on South Park

Q: Did Kenny die for GOOD?
A: He\'s dead Jim…

Q: Will DVDA Go on tour?
A: DVDA has absolutely no plans to go on tour any time soon.

Q: Does DVDA have any video\'s or albums I could purchase?
A: DVDA has no albums, nor are there any plans to make an album any time soon.

Q: What is the most Frequently Asked Question?
A: Funny enough, that question!

Q: Will Kenny ever come back?
A: There are no plans for Kenny to return to the show.

Q: Can I purchase new episodes or old episodes through your site?
A: No, we do not sell anything through our site.

Q: Whose hands are used in the opening sequence?
A: Eric Stough

Q: How big were the original construction paper cutouts of the characters?
A: The orginal boys were about 4 inches tall. The adults like Chef were about 5 inches tall.

Q: Whats Lemmiwinks suppose to be a parody of?
A: It is a tribute to this film : F1MF/ref=pd_ser_asin_1//104-8592825-0999160?v=glance&s= video