Earthshaker is a disabler melee hero commonly played as a ganker/initiator. Early game, Earthshaker's main spell is Fissure. Fissure makes him a powerful ganker as it can be used to block enemies for several seconds almost ensuring a kill. It has a lot more utility than most disables; not only can it be utilized offensively as a stun, it can block off an enemy's retreat or save an ally from their pursuers. Enchant Totem is used mainly to trigger Aftershock's stun, allowing Earthshaker to keep his target disabled longer. Aftershock is Earthshaker's passive ability, adding aditional damage and an area of effect stun to his other spells. Late game, Earthshaker is more of an initiator using Blink Dagger and his ultimate to start fights. Echo Slam is Earthshaker's ultimate; blinking into the centre of a battle can disable an entire enemy team and do major damage. If chained successfully, an enemy can be stunned up to 4.75 seconds, making him a great disabler and overall contributes to team fights very well. Earthshaker's easy to hit area of effect spells despite tricky placement and timing is recommended for beginner to intermediate players.


Sven is a versatile Melee Hero with an effective disable and damaging capabilities. He is played in many roles, most notably a Support or a Carry. Though Sven is a Strength Hero, he uses his spells to gank and kill often, making him somewhat Mana intensive and has a major problem with his mana pool. Sven is an item reliant Hero, meaning he needs farm to advance into the late game. Despite this, he is a powerful Hero whose power grows over time. He is a great Supporter in the earliest parts of the game and can excel as a Ganker in the middle game, with enough farm and kills, he has a potential to be a strong late-game Carry. Technically, due to his many roles, he is classifeied as a Semi-Carry, but his power is so high that he can take on as a harder type of Carry. He is a great crowd controller and has the highest damage potentials in the game thanks to his Ultimate, which makes him a great Carry. Once activated, only a few can withstand the almighty strength of the Rogue Knight. Sven is recommended for beginners and intermediates.

Beastmaster is a Melee Hero commonly played as a scouting disabler/ganker. Because of the nature of his skills, and his ability to summon units he requires decent map knowledge, positioning, and micromanagement to use. Beastmaster is recommended for intermediate to advanced players.

Clockwerk is a melee DPS hero commonly played as an initiator/ganker. As an initiator, his main purpose is crowd control. However, he also does secondary jobs such as chasing and map control. His abilities are centered around destroying enemies one by one, while still being able to control all other enemies so he goes uninterrupted. He does not deal reliable area damage like most initiators, but still he is capable of doing a surprising and devastating entrance. His job after initiating is to focus on a single, scary enemy hero that the team would loathe such as a carry, after which he will try to take down enemies that are trying to get away. He also has good map control because he can gain sight to any part of the map at will.

Tiny is a Melee Hero with powerful ganking potential. Using Avalanche in conjunction with Toss allows for massive amounts of damage as well as a long area of effect stun. Those foolish enough to attack him may be rewarded with a stun from his passive ability Craggy Exterior. Although at first he may live up to his name, he will gradually grow in size and power with his ultimate, Grow. While fragile early game, he will soon turn into a hulking behemoth with massive health and damage output. Tiny is recommended for intermediate players.
Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is a very tough Melee Hero with a relatively versatile skill set. Dragon Knight has no real escape ability, though his Dragon Blood ability and Armor make him capable of withstanding strong hits and recovering quickly. He is still very vulnerable in the early game, however, and needs to farm and stay alive in order to be effective in later stages. If he has enough levels and farm Dragon Knight is very formidable late game due to his strong ultimate and ability to deal a lot of damage very fast. Dragon Knight is recommended for beginner to intermediate players.

Kunkka is a versatile melee hero that relies on high damage. He requires good positioning and reflexes in order to succeed. When played well, he can be an excellent hero on all fronts, from initiating to lane control. He can be fearsome and capable of dealing burst damage as well as survive any chaos and mayhem with the right use of his spells. Kunkka is recommended for experienced players.

Huskar is a Ranged Hero that relies on sacrificing his health for more power. His skills play into each other and, other than Inner Vitality, draw on his health pool instead of his mana. He can often tip a fight in his favor faster than the enemy can react. Huskar doesn't need as much skill or knowledge to play as other Heroes, and is recommended for beginner to intermediate players.

Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight is a versatile Hero who can take on the role of a Support but can also be played as a Tank or, in a rare moment, a Semi-Carry, depending on the player's decision. A holy and courageous Hero, Omniknight possesses spells that can protect and help an ally in trouble. His heal also doubles as a nuke, he can grant any friend Magic Immunity, and he can bless allies with an invincible protection spell. Few can escape the mighty and heavenly power of the Omniknight and he can also prevent enemy Heroes to take him and his allies down to the ground, thus, he's also a mighty Tank making him one of the most difficult heroes to kill.

Alchemist is a strong and tough Tank/Carry Hero that can make money faster and earn more items than other Heroes. He possesses bizarre and unfavorable stats, having low Strength gain, pathetic Agility, and an Intelligence the same as his Strength, making his overall Attributes the lowest among all the Heroes. Despite this, Alchemist is still a powerful hero and not to be underestimated. He can sustain damage well, regenerates quickly, can damage Magic Immune units with his spells, and can excel in physical combat with the right items. Alchemist is recommended for intermediate to advanced players.

Brewmaster is a Melee Strength hero than can fill almost any role, though he is primarily seen as a Carry, Ganker, Tank or Initiator. He fits well into any lane except soloing against multiple enemies, as he is very experience dependent. His core skills make him a respectable physical damage dealer and an especially good duelist, since he has abilities that involve negating opposing auto-attacks while strengthening his own. However, his true power lies in his Ultimate, Primal Split, which, if used properly, can by itself turn the tide of a teamfight. Each of the three aspects of the Brewmaster are exceptionally powerful, with exceptional disables, survivability, and damage; they are also able to charge recklessly into the enemy since the damage they take is not permanent, and very rarely will all three die before Primal Split ends. For this reason, Brewmaster is almost always built to fully maximize the potential of this ultimate, getting items such as Blink Dagger so that he can combo into his ultimate without risk of being initiated on, Vanguard to ensure he can survive the first wave to stuns and burst in order to cast his ultimate, and of course Aghanim's Scepter to strengthen his ultimate.