Hér fáið þið smá frásögn af bardaga sem við spiluðum í gegn fyrir skömmu. Enriqe er að leita að devil sem er haldið fanga í skógi á Dragon Coast. svo “illa” vill til að skógurinn er aðsetur margra tuga grænna dreka, stórra sem smárra.


The air is thight and full of forest sounds and the midday sun shines on the wet leafs of the giant trees.

“It’s finally stoped raining!” Junior thinks to Enriqe “i wonder when we’ll find that blasted demon of yours”
“soon, we’re getting closer but keep quiet there are dragons about in this forest” the young man replies and padds the horses mane.”and it’s a devil not demon”
“huh, i say…”
“huss” Enriqe looks up in the sky and notices a huge green dragon gliding above the trees. Enriqe starts leading his horse of the path but hesitates. Why not slay it? I’ve hidden from so many of them but now i’m realy close so there shouldn’t be any need for secrecy… besides Killer’s starting to get hungry.
“what? We’re not hiding this time?” askes Junior when Enriqe dismounts him
“you are” says the human and pushes the mount behind a humongous tree and unfastens his crossbow.

He does not have to wait long for the dragon to glide past again, he aims and shoots. The bolt hits the beast in the left arm and it shrieks. Enriqe waits long enough for it to notice him before reloading the crossbow, he waits calmly as the dragon takes a dive at him, opens it’s mouth and gets ready to spray poisoned gas all over him
The bolt flies into the beasts mouth surprising it so it tumbles down halfway across the clearing from the bold man. The dragon rises and charges against it’s enemy who quickly throws two daggers, each in one eye.
Blinded the beast tries to hit it’s foe to the ground while taking aloft again but narrowly misses as the thief sways his sword into it’s belly. Crazy with pain and anger it falls to the ground and shrieks at Enriqe who hesitades but for a moment before making his last charge.
He skillfully evades the dragons bite and places his sword in it’s neck. Using his momentum he slips Killer through the dragon’s scales and into it heart.

A loud heartbreaking cry erupts from the young beast before it falls lifeless to the ground

“well, you sertainly haven’t lost your touch” Enriqe hears in his mind through the killing bliss. His faithfull mount has stepped out of his hiding place and examines the slain dragons body
Enriqe whipes sweat of his forehead and says rather offhandedly

“well it’ll make a fine couch”

*and he goes of to find the devil*<br><br>kv.
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