Það virðast allir vera að gera þetta, hér kemur mitt.

ATH. Þetta er 3.0
Reglubreytingar í 3.5 held ég að komi í veg fyrir þetta, en hef ekki athugað þetta.

Þetta er c/p efni, en þetta þykir mér það merkilegt (og þetta áhugamál er *því miður* ekki það virkt)

Half ogre: Large size, +6 strength, -2 int, -2 chr, +1 LA

5 levels of barbarian: +5 bab, 2 feats, rage (+4 strength) twice a day

Warhulk: Prereqs BAB 5, large size, power attack. Benefits: 10 levels gives +20 strength, boulder throwing (strength instead of dex to hit, damage 2d8, hit 4 targets with a single throw).

Hulking hurler: Prereqs BAB 5, large size, 3 level PRC. Benefits: 2 levels gives: Really throw anything (chuck anything up to a light load). Super really throw anything (chuck anything up to a medium load and two size categories above you).

So - we have an 18th level character. His strength is (assuming an 18 to start) 24+4(levels)+4(rage)+20(war hulk) = 52. We can get to 62 with magical items with relative ease.

This makes his medium load 346 (medium load for a strength 22 character) x 256 (4 x 4 x 4 x 4 - +40 strength from the encumberance rules on extending the table) x 3 (because he's large) = 265728.

The end of complete warrior says that a thrown weapon does 5d6 damage for a 400 pound object, plus another 1d6 for every 200 pounds beyond that.

(265728-400)/200 x 1d6 + 5d6 = 1331d6 damage. Plus strength bonus (+39).

An average of about 4697 damage a hit.


Lead weighs in at 712 pounds per cubic foot, so we need 373 cubic feet of lead to throw. As a sphere, that has a diameter of 8.932771693 feet. Which probably falls within the large to colossal size range that our buddy can throw.

And if we buy it as lead sling bullets, it comes in at 1 silver for 5 pounds of lead, making our lead ball cost 5315 (rounded up) gold.

So if 4 targets line up in a row…

I think that makes 18788 points of damage in blocks of 4697 damage. At that point, who cares about damage resistance!
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