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Veronica Mars: Officially Cancelled
Kristen Bell Lands New Gig

The CW has formally announced their Fall 2007 schedule on Thursday, and it has been confirmed that Veronica Mars is not on the schedule for a fourth season.

There was the thought that, if creator Rob Thomas can come up with some scripts for Veronica Mars: FBI by June 15, that the CW could reconsider, but considering the show's recent string of dismal ratings this is seeming very unlikely. Rob Thomas himself has said at E! Online that he is “out of hope.”

Also putting a kink in the likelihood of Veronica's return: Kristen Bell has signed on to be the self-titled narrator in The CW's NEW series, Gossip Girl. Could this be an attempt to placate disappointed Veronica fans after a cancellation? You can read all about Kristen's new job at Entertainment Weekly's website where the article was first broken.

If Veronica Mars is indeed over, then the episodes airing on May 22 will be the last we see of her. Considering that the show was initially more of a hit with fans and critics than it was in the ratings race, the fact that Veronica lasted as long as it did was an accomplishment.

jæja svo nú er búið að cancela öðrum frábærum þætti, veit samt ekki alveg hvort þetta eru rosa sorgafréttir því að þótt að þriðja sería sé mjög skemmtileg þá er hún ekkert miðað við hinar tvær. Svo ég held að ég geti tekið þetta í sátt… Allavega svona semi… ég er samt fúl.