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<i>Angel's Alexis Denisof has battled demons, drank blood and survived Cordelia. All that pales in comparison as he takes on The WB Questionnaire. </i>

<i>What word best describes you? </i>
<i>What is your all-time favorite line of your character? </i>
“Dear God… that's…yummy.” (After drinking blood as Angel).
<i>What aspect of your character would you like to have? </i>
His intelligence and his certainty of what's right and wrong, good and bad.
<i>If you could play any other role on The WB, who would it be? </i>
No, I like Wesley, I'll stick with him.
<i>If you could have one superpower, what would it be? </i>
Ability to breathe underwater- you get two for one because it feels like flying when you swim underwater, plus you get to hang out with fish and dolphins and sea lions and stuff.
<i>Define the perfect day? </i>
The perfect day must include:
Wake up with the person you love.
Something good to eat.
Somewhere cool to go.
Something cool to see.
Something cool to do.
A hug.
A nap.
<i>Which person - living, dead or fictiona l- do you most identify with? </i>
Hamlet. We both think about things too much and try to make decisions in the present that will determine the future. It doesn't work, the future is unknown.
<i>What quality in yourself would you like to improve? </i>
I really can't think of one - hey! I must be perfect! Just kidding, there's too many to list.
<i>What book or movie title best describes your life so far? </i>
<i>Everybody Poops. </i>
<i>If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? </i>
<i>What's your favorite movie of all-time? </i>
That's impossible to answer.
<i>What's your biggest complaint in life? </i>
The 24-hour day is a little too short.
<i>Who are your favorite actors? </i>
Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness, and Peter Sellers.
<i>Name your greatest achievement. </i>
Admitting when I lied.
<i>Name your greatest regret. </i>
When I lied.
<i>What do you like most about Hollywood? </i>
Palm trees.
<i>What do you deplore most about Hollywood? </i>
Air quality.
<i>If you weren't in show business, you would be? </i>
A glass blower.
<i>What's something in the world you'd like to see outlawed? </i>
<i>What do you like most about the holidays? </i>
My family being together - it feels safe somehow.

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Alexis Denisof goes in depth and compares working on both <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i> and <i>Ange</i>l, Wesley stepping up to the plate, the romance between Wesley and Cordelia, and his <i>Star Trek</i> fanaticism.

The WB: You came in half way through the season last year, and now you're in a full season with <i>Angel</i>. What was it like coming in half way through last season, even though you worked with Joss and David before on <i>Buffy</i>?
Alexis: It was as nice as it could be to come into the show as a new person because I knew David, Charisma, Joss, and David Greenwalt, and even one or two people on the crew from working on <i>Buffy</i>. It's so much more fun when you're the new kid in school and you have a couple friends right off the bat. The adjustment was pretty quick and painless, and of course it's such a nice and great bunch of people. It's been fun from the first day on.
The WB: What would you say the main differences, if any, are between <i>Buffy</i> and <i>Angel</i>, since you've worked on both?
Alexis: In <i>Buffy</i>, they're in college, so the stories revolve around the experience of those particular years - that rite of passage. <i>Angel</i> is a broader storyline because our office is in LA. Whoever comes into our world, or whatever world we discover, becomes the story of that week. And then we shoot at Paramount and <i>Buffy</i> has its own stages in Santa Monica, so there is a practical difference of being on a big studio lot, as opposed to a self-contained lot.
The WB: Earlier this season, Wesley really stepped up to the plate. What would you like to see happen to your character as it develops more into this season and potentially into next season as well?
Alexis: It was always my feeling that the character should evolve into someone who is able to step up and have the moments of heroism, but also still be the funny, quirky person that brings that particular light to the show. There's already a wonderful, complicated, brooding, tortured central character in the figure of Angel, and so the fun for me is to find other storylines, colors, and other parts of a personality to explore in order to contrast that and to feed off each other in that way. I think the way they are developing is really good and it's taking a slowed time for him to find his inner strength and find his courage and ability to stand up and do the job right and not annoy everybody around him. And then sometimes he'll slip on a banana skin and that will be funny. I think that's how we are as human beings. We have moments where we do a really great job, and moments when we really screw up. That to me is very real.
The WB: What about the old romance between Wesley and Cordelia?
Alexis: If I did know, I wouldn't say, but I truly don't know what their plans are. I know their romance has made them very close and has bonded them as friends. They share something between them, which isn't always nice, but it's usually funny and I think that's a great thing. I think we all have people like that in our lives - where you gave it a shot and it didn't work out, but for some reason it's made you the best of friends and sometimes the best of enemies. I don't know whether that will transform again into the hot-and-heavy, or whether they'll just stay as great friends.
The WB: What is your hope?
Alexis: Either way it's going to be good, it would be interesting to see what would happen if they tried it again, because it was so funny when it happened the first time. It would be very amusing to see them trying to make it work in a passionate relationship.
The WB: Obviously people identify you with your character. What could you tell us about yourself that your fans don't know?
Alexis: I hope I'm different from Wesley in lots of ways, but I would have to admit if you're able to play a character, it means that somewhere that character exists inside you. So, obviously, there's is a little too much overlap for my liking. I think I probably dress differently from Wesley, and I'm a little more relaxed than he is, definitely, and I probably appear more confident than he does. It's debatable whether I am, but I would say I appear more confident.
The WB: What about your hobbies?
Alexis: I love scuba diving, horse riding, skiing… I've skiied all my life. I think I had a much more adventurous childhood than Wesley did. I moved around a lot. My childhood was spent in America and going between the Pacific Northwest and New England. So I had a lot of different experiences. I lived in England when I was a teenager and I came over here a few years ago.
The WB: What do you miss about England most?
Alexis: The newspapers, the tea, the sense of a city… you know, a city center, which LA lacks. I miss the culture of theater, art galleries, music, and every conceivable art form, industry and business all going on in the same place. I love that about London. LA is a little more of a one-business town in the sense that the engine of Hollywood is driving the city, and London is this extremely complicated, cosmopolitan mix of so many influences.
The WB: Getting back to the <i>Buffy</i> and <i>Angel</i> world, it's very much bordering on <i>Star Trek</i> fanaticism, on the Web and in general. Being a fan as well, can you speak to the fan response?
Alexis: I wasn't aware we had such a huge fanbase on the Web, because I'm not yet on the Net yet. I'm just shopping for a computer now, so I'm a little behind on how we're going down in that world, but I know for myself I grew up a huge trekkie. I read all the books… William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and all that. It used to amuse me so much when my friends and I could just sit around for hours doing the dialogue of <i>“I am not Spock” (pause), “I am Spock.” (pause), “I am not Spock” (pause), “I am Spock.” </i>
The WB: What were some of your favorite sci-fi shows in addition to <i>Star Trek?</i>
Alexis: I think <i>Star Trek</i> was my favorite, although I loved the <i>Star Wars</i> series in film.
The WB: Do you ever take advantage of being next to the <i>Star Trek: Voyager</i> set?
Alexis: They walk by occasionally and I'm like “Ooh!” There was an auction or something and one of my friends on the crew brought me a little pin and I was so psyched! It's great how they kept that legacy alive and it's metamorphosed the way it has. I liked some of the old, before I was even alive, re-runs like <i>Lost in Space</i>. I think it's what I like about our shows, <i>Angel</i> and <i>Buffy</i>. You take an extraordinary world and you people it with characters that are strong and that you care about. That's what I think we share with the shows that I loved growing up. You grow to love and really care about the characters, plus they're in this awesome universe that stimulates your imagination.
The WB: So what you're saying is that you love how the characters react to these extraordinary situations?
Alexis: Yeah because the situations in the world are not enough, just to have the starship in <i>Star Trek</i> or to have the robot in <i>Lost in Space</i>. That is not enough to keep me interested. In the long run it's the fact that I really care about the characters and I'm interested in them and moreover, they're in this amazing place. That's what I love. I think we have a really good balance both on <i>Buffy</i> and <i>Angel</i>. You know, people in relationships that you're really interested in watching grow, and they fight monsters, demons and vampires, and all this other cool stuff happens. That's what makes it work.

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