Þetta sagði David á WB-síðunni:

My biggest fear: “Chickens. I'm serious. There's just a cluckiness about them.”
I can't live without: “My dogs. I love them.” The real me: “I'm just a big dork. I'm very simple. I'm very understated and shy.”

My most embarrassing date: “I was in high school. I left my date and went to the bathroom and saw a pretty large rip right in the seat of my pants.”

In my past life: “Before Buffy, I used to put on a suit and pretend I was an executive just to get onto studio lots. I'd pass out résumés and talk to people. In one agency, the security chased me out of the buildings.”

I do believe: “I believe in the mythology of the vampire or the ghosts and the demons and that kind of stuff. I'm just more or less inclined to be more of a spiritual person than anything else.”<br><br>*I'm drawing a blank*
“Napoleon is always right!” -Boxer