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All the talk has been on whether or not Sarah Michelle Gellar will be coming back to star in UPN's “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” But the real question might be whether or not the rest of the cast and crew are even interested in doing Season 8.

“I had real mixed feelings, and I think one of the reasons I wouldn't want to come back would just be that I fell like we're still doing a really, really good show, and if Sarah leaves and the show changes, iw might be time to just say, ‘Look, we left while it was still fantastic,’” said executive producer Marti Noxon. However, that wouldn't mean that spinoffs of the show, like The WB's “Angel, still aren't possibilities. ”Honestly, there are many possibilities and there's no one that's been decided on,“ Noxon said. ”But there is an exciting spinoff idea that Joss has that I think is really going to be exciting to people.“ James Marsters, who plays Spike, said that he still thinks he would return for another season. ”I'm interested in continuing with the show,“ he said. ”Contractually, it depends on if it's still Buffy or not whether I'm committed to it. that's the legal sense. But artistically, I'm interested in continuing with the writers and producers.“ Alexis Denisof, who plays in ”Angel,“ said his fiancee, Alyson Hannigan (Willow), already is preparing for the end. ”I think that she feels that they've done it, you know?“ he said. ”I think that's the feeling around there for most people, that, you know, they've told those many stories that make that one big story, And so if it were to carry on, obviously, they'd all get excited about it, whatever the new incarnation of it would be, but I think she's preparing herself for this being the last year, because that's the sensible thing to do psychologically. And things are going pretty good outside that.“

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A source close to Fox Television, which produces Buffy the Vampire Slayer for UPN, has told SyFy Portal that the Joss Whedon show will not return for an eighth season on the network.

”There is a whole different attitude at UPN right now, and it's not the same attitude that first brought Buffy to the network in the first place,“ the source said. ”(Les) Moonves wants ratings winners, and nothing else. It is believed around here that if Moonves had been running UPN two years ago, Buffy never would've been there in the first place.“ The possible cancellation of the series has been looming for some time, especially when the series first came to UPN and didn't perform ratings-wise as expected. With the talk of star Sarah Michelle Gellar leaving the show, and possibly a higher demand per episode from Fox and Mutant Enemy productions, the source said that all those factors simply didn't make ”Buffy“ a viable franchise to continue. ”(The show) was great, and I don't think anyone regrets moving it to UPN, but there just isn't any life to it left on television, and it seems nothing is set in stone over there (at UPN).“ The source hinted that shows like Enterprise could also be facing an uncertain future if ratings don't begin to turn around, although it would be more likely that shows like ”Twilight Zone“ and other poorer performers would be axed first. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a reimagining of the franchise based on the 1992 movie, originally premiered on The WB network in 1997, becoming an instant hit. In 2000, the show made the jump over to UPN, but did not pull in the ratings the show was expecting. Since then, while still finishing strong in the ratings, numbers have remained below expectations, and it's been difficult for UPN to justify the more than $2 million per episode it pays Fox for the series. With sagging ratings, the producers did try to eliminate some of the darkness that has made spinoff Angel popular on the WB beginning this current season - even putting Buffy (Gellar) back in Sunnydale High - but the ratings have not been there for the show.

Og þetta sagði James Masters um lok 8. seríu..:

”I finally found out myself what Joss is planning… and I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you guys… but I will tell you guys that the end of this season is going to be… very romantic… very heartbreaking… and you guys are probably going to hate it“. Has he signed on for a further season? ”Contract wise… No… Personally… Yes“.

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