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Buffy Boss Marti Noxon Answers You

RachelGibson from New York City: What is your favorite episode and why? By the way…We love you!
The musical. Because I'm a kiss-ass. No, not really. Because it's brilliant, and so is the scary genius-head who directed it. Did you know Joss only learned how to play the piano in the last few years? He went from “The Mellow Tunes Fake Book” to writing his own amazing musical in a matter of months. I have to go kill myself now.

Ruth from Atlanta: When will we know if this is the last season?
Not for a while. I think negotiations are going to go down to the wire. It may not be until the end of season seven.

spikeslovebunny from Chicago: Is there a chance for Buffy and Spike to have a somewhat healthy relationship this season?
What do you think?

ssuwilson from Annapolis, Maryland: Did the backlash that happened when Tara died surprise you?
Yes and no. I expected people to be upset, but the intensity of the reaction from the gay community shocked me a bit. For them, Tara and Willow had become iconic–one of the few really positive portrayals of a lesbian relationship on TV. To have it end so violently felt like a betrayal of sorts–like we were “punishing” the characters for being gay (and for having girl-on-girl nakedness for the first time). I can see why they felt that way–but it was certainly not our intention. We were just inflicting the same kind of bone-crushing trauma we thrust upon all of our main characters.

Lucky from the United Kingdom: Will Amber Benson be returning for more than one or two episodes? We miss her.
Nobody can say for sure, but I think it's unlikely that she'll be back on a regular basis.

Rebecca from Berryville, Virginia: Do you guys like to mislead people spoiler-wise?
We have tried to mislead people by issuing outlines that were false just to see if we could get people away from genuine spoilers. However, whoever keeps leaking Buffy secrets seems to know what's true and what isn't, so it seems we have a mole on the inside who is pretty knowledgeable. I guess it's no use trying to hide this season's major spoilers–that Buffy gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, and we find out Dawn is actually Mulder's sister.

kari from Minneapolis: “Dead Things” was great, but I'm shocked that Buffy never apologized for abusing Spike. Why?
I think the nature of their relationship was violent in turns. He'd do a bad thing, she'd do another bad thing…So nobody owes anyone big apologies.

Curt Monash from Acton, Massachusetts: Which of the Three Nerds was based on Joss? Which was based on you? :)
The Nerds are a composite of the writers here on staff at Buffy. We lifted a lot of their debates from our own writing room. But none of the Nerds were enough into S&M and suicide to really reflect my taste.

Daaimah Etheridge from Erial, New Jersey: Are we going to see the return of Faith in the new season? She rocked!
Yes! Faith will be back at some point this year.

Leah from Atlanta: There is talk of Dawn taking over Slayer duties after Sarah leaves next season. Why not make Faith the new slayer? Please!
There's talk about a lot of things, but we don't even know if we'll be back next season. Nothing is set in stone. I personally am hoping that the Parking Ticket Lady will be made the next Slayer, but that's just me.

Patrick from Utah: Dark Willow was the best villain ever. Will she deal with the consequences of taking a human life?
Yes, in episode one she buys everyone in Sunnydale an ice-blended mocha, and everyone loves her again and they make her mayor.

Allison from Tolland, Connecticut: How is Anya going to fit in now that there is no more Magic Box and her relationship with Xander is over?
If you log on to, we're taking suggestions. No, we actually have a great arc for Anya. One of my favorite episodes of the year revolves around her, so stay tuned.

Melissa from Melbourne, Australia: There was definite Giles-Anya sparkage last year. Any hope that this is leading somewhere?

Linda Barlow from Boston: Can Buffy “have it all”–friends, family, heroic duty and good lovin'? P.S. Love the show! Thanks for your talent, dedication and hard work–you are appreciated.
If at the end of the season, Buffy has it all, you can be pretty sure we're not coming back.

ChrisR from San Francisco: How do you take negative fan reaction to continuing Buffy without Sarah?
I totally understand why people have negative feelings about it–so do we. And nobody is sure that the show should or will continue without her. Nobody wants to do a show that is just a pale imitation of what came before it, and Sarah is certainly tremendously important in the Buffy universe. That's why it's called the “Buffy universe.”

Casandra from Philadelphia: Any chance we'll get to see a resurrection of Buffy and Willow's friendship this fall?
See above re: ice-blendeds.

Nikki Line from New Zealand: How great is it to have your job?
Pretty darned great! I really can't say enough about how lucky I am to get paid to do what I would do anyway. I wish that for everybody. Plus, there are cookies.

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