Ok……heyrðist ekki mikið af mótmælum þannig að ég sendi hér inn copy/paste frá E-Online, þar sem að Wanda hintar að því hvað er að fara að gerast hjá Buffy og Angel!!!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Will Tara Return?
It's not clear whether actress Amber Benson will be back, but my source tells me a version of Tara will reappear, adding, “We will see more of the Willow/Tara warm fuzzies.”

Will Spike Come Back as a Human? No, but he will come back with a soul. And according to a source close to the set, we haven't seen the end of the Buffy-Spike (aka Spuffy) fireworks–although this time, they'll undoubtedly be a little more Angel-ic.

As for the rumor that Britney Spears will appear on the show this year, although the entire “Grrr…Argh” camp is currently taking a much deserved break, I'd bet my beloved TiVo that Buffy boss Joss Whedon would give a response similar to his comment on last year's rumor that Shannen Doherty would guest star, “I only work with serious actors.”

By the way, good news for those of you starving for Buffy dish: This Wednesday, June 12, at 10 p.m. on E!, Jules Asner interviews our favorite fair-haired slayer on Sarah Michelle Gellar: Revealed.

I've also got the goods from Sarah herself about the likelihood of an eighth season of Buffy, which I'll share with you during our next chat.


Will Cordelia Return? This one's a bit tricky, so I'm simply going to relay what I've been told, and let you be the judge. Last week, a WB source (whose scoops have always been dead-on) told me it had not been decided yet whether Charisma Carpenter would return to Angel, as she has been struggling with a personal problem that affected production this season. Charisma was allegedly told to take a month off to take care of it, and if she didn't, she'd be out.

Charisma's agent denied a personal problem, saying, "Charisma is coming back next season. We received her pickup orders today. Maybe they're confusing her with [Witchblade star] Yancy Butler."

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