The Slayer's Love THE SLAYER'S LOVE

It started at the Hellmouth,
when the Slayer came to town,
a place chock full of Vampires,
with no sign of slowing down.

She met a man who lived there,
and Angel was his name,
she didn't know, that after him,
nothing would be the same.

A brooding lonely figure,
a truly mysterious man,
who came warning of disaster,
throughout some nefarious plan.

Angel was how he was known…
a name soon paired with danger…
The Slayer knew him mostly as…
an interfering stranger…

The truth soon was discovered,
after a frightening night.
Angel was at the Slayer's house,
recovering from a fight.

A kiss so full of passion,
from the Slayer to her man,
revealed, after a fashion,
why from love he'd always ran.

The one she'd been so sure about,
who'd lit her inner fire,
turned out to be an enemy,
a full blooded vampire.

With crossbow placed between them,
he told his tale of woe.
How he had become a vampire,
two centuries ago…

At first he was quite normal,
for a vampire, cruel as sin,
Until he killed a young girl,
and was then cursed by her kin.

When he became a vampire,
the demon took his soul,
to make him true, a creature dire,
to see he was not whole.

To attain true vengeance,
the girl's tribe did decide,
the way to make him suffer,
was to hurt him from inside.

His soul they then returned to him.
He remembered what he'd done.
He knew about the girl he'd killed,
She was not the only one.

He hurt for all those he had harmed,
he now felt true remorse.
It was as the tribe had meant.
Perfect revenge, of course.

Now he lived with the memories,
of all his evil days,
trying to atone for these,
in oh-so-many ways.

The Slayer she believed him,
his sad tale of the past,
the curse that still bereaved him,
making that young girl his last.

But could she ever love him?
That was put to the test.
For the love between a Slayer,
and a vampire's hard at best.

They danced around each other,
but their love took root and grew.
And then when the Slayer died,
a vampire felt his heart die too.

The Slayer killed the Master,
stayed the summer with her dad,
But after her arrival home,
she acted rather mad.

She'd put up her defenses,
she would let no one near,
trying to hide, her hurting heart,
and hiding well her fear.

But it was still so hard to hide,
from her nearest dearest friends.
The terror and the pain she felt,
when facing her loose ends.

The Slayer saw that no one,
could again raise the Master,
Smashing all his bones to powder,
crying in her love's arms after.

They began to get to know,
each other somewhat better,
testing the waters a little more,
their feet getting much wetter.

Stealing hidden kisses after dark,
stealing kisses on hunts in the park.
With a love that only death could break,
and a love that only love could take.

On the Slayer's birthday,
a time for laughs and fun,
another evil thing to slay,
the Slayer was undone.

Angel and the Slayer,
were forced to cut and run,
fleeing quickly through the rain,
they reached the home of one.

A dangerous night,
where passions ran high,
made the Slayer's tears fall,
and the Slayer's heart die.

The pain that she felt,
was hard to control,
when she saw her love's face,
so bereft of his soul.

His words were like fire,
such a cruel heart.
A sulphur-tongued liar,
evil's just a start,
with a creature so dire.

But the Slayer will stand,
held by many a hand,
choking down her own fright,
will face down the night…

By Muldair Mary Moore
“Napoleon is always right!” -Boxer