Reykingar Did you know:

1. Blankets can keep you warm.

2. The hamburger is a popular meal in America.

3. Rainy days are wetter than sunny days.

4. red and blue are different colors

5. gay guys prefer penis.

6. wars tend to be violent in nature.

7. a computer is not a rock.

8. the odds that your Mom gave birth to you are fairly high.

9. homosexuals like to have sex with their own gender.

10. fire trucks are often red.

11. it's not a good idea to smear your body with fish sauce and play with hungry polar bears.

12. People who stop breathing usually die.

13. hunger is often followed by the eating of food.

14. Rock and Roll is not all Gravel and Biscuits.

15. coffee is not juice.

16. Elephants find bar stools uncomfortable.

17. Hamsters don't make fashion statements.

18. A trout cannot give radical political speeches in public.

19. Fire is hot.

20. Lengsta kvikmynd í heimi er 931 min (15 klst.)
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