Hey Chocobofan, hvar ertu? Jæja ég byrja þetta án hans. Slick: So here we are, yet again! Are we really doing this? Denny: ... Slick: Eh, Denny? What say you? Denny: ... Slick: Denny? Denny: ... Slick: Denny, you okay? *slaps Denny in the face* Denny: ... Slick: Ok, you got me. Now wake up *slaps Denny harder* Denny: ... Slick: Wow, you're really committing to this? C'mon we don't have all day. We gotta be at Bards in ... 26 mintues. Denny: ... Slick: Ok, that's enough. Get up before I get mad! Denny: ... Slick: Is this for real this time? I only ask 'cause you pull this stunt every time. Denny: ... Slick: That's it! You got 10 seconds to get your ass in the car or I go all Old Man Curtis on your ass! Denny: ... *moves about on the couch* Slick: Ah, so you are fine? Get on your feet, we got work to do. Denny: ... *opens eyes* Huh? TO BE CONTINUED!
Eyes down, round and round, let's all sit and watch the moneygoround.